Ghanem Al-Dosari: The British Supreme Court is considering a case accusing the Saudi authorities of hacking his phone


Ghanem Al Dossary
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Ghanem Al Dossary

Today, the British Supreme Court is holding a hearing, via video technology, to consider a lawsuit filed by the Saudi activist and dissident Ghanem Al-Dosari against the Saudi government for allegedly hacking his mobile phone.

A ruling is not expected today, at the two-day session in London. A hearing will consider the Saudi government’s objection to holding such a trial in a British court, as it is a foreign government with immunity.

The Saudi activist had filed a compensation claim for personal damages resulting from the misuse of his information, which “the Saudi government collected by using the well-known Israeli spyware – Pegasus – to penetrate his phone.”

Al-Dosari had said that British authorities warned him against trying to target him in 2018.


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