Germany national team… The sun rises from Brazil


Amidst a lot of questions, the German national team is playing the European Cup. He is always present in major challenges, and if he knows difficulties, what will he present in the current championship?

  • What will Germany offer in the current tournament?
    What will Germany offer in the current tournament?

Germany national team. His name always precedes him to the major tournaments. Whatever the circumstances, the Manchaft is always present. This is what 4 titles in the World Cup, 3 titles in the European Cup, his many times to the final and semi-finals in tournaments, and generations and generations of legends and stars are talking about.

But let’s stay in the present, where the German national team is in the current European Cup. There are a lot of questions and interrogations, for many, about the “Manchaft” in this tournament. Since exiting the first round of the 2018 World Cup in an unprecedented surprise for German football, then a harsh loss to Spain 0-6 in the European Nations League, and finally a 1-2 loss to North Macedonia in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, it seemed to them that the German team had changed the team that they got used to it.

But let’s go back to history. This has happened before. The German national team in the European Cup 2000 was eliminated in the first round. Perhaps it can be said that the situation looks almost similar today, when it was the demise of the generation of the nineties, which won the World Cup in 1990, reached the final of the 1992 European Cup and was crowned with the 1996 European Cup.

Now, a generation of new talents is being presented by German football after the generation that reached the 2010 World Cup semi-finals, the 2012 European Cup semi-finals, won the 2014 World Cup and reached the 2016 European Cup semi-finals.

This generation can be seen in talents such as Serge Gnabry, Joshua Kimmich, Leroy Sane, Timo Werner, Leon Goretzka, Ruben Gossens, Jonas Hoffmann, Florian Neuhaus, Jamal Musiala and others, especially Kai Havertz, who could be one of the stars of the current championship.

But it seemed clear that the German national team in the recent period was missing two important issues, namely, the leading striker that the “Mannschaft” has always known and who has been absent since the retirement of Miroslav Klose, and the leader on the field that German football and its team have always provided. Hence, the return of the star Thomas Muller to the German national team, along with Mats Hummels, and this is what we can call the “most prominent event” in his ranks at present, and this is a result of the continued brilliance of these two stars, especially Muller at the highest level.

Müller can compensate for the absence of the top scorer in the “Manchencht”, and most importantly, he has a leadership personality that the German national team needs and his talents. It is true that Manuel Neuer is there, but the leader on the field remains the most important, and this is a role that Müller can play brilliantly. In Germany, they always talk about Muller as the restless, energetic and energetic player who always speaks on and off the field when the players are in training, and is also feisty on the field, guiding and motivating his teammates. This is necessary now for this generation of talent, especially since Toni Kroos does not master this role despite its importance as a player.

Also, the German national team’s defense seemed to need a player with a leadership personality and high efficiency, and this is what is present in Hummels.

But the most important influence on the German national team at the moment is still coming from Brazil. This confirms several issues. Keeping the German Football Association (DFB) Joachim Loew as the coach of the “Mannchaft” until now, as he will conclude his career with him in the current championship, after all these recent disappointments, is nothing but a product of his leadership of the German national team to crown the World Cup in Brazil and what he presented at the time “Mannchatt”. This is not forgotten by the Germans, they have memorized it well for Loff and aspire to repeat it again.

Also, Loew’s return of Muller and Hummels, as well as their role that we talked about, is in this context that recalls Germany’s achievement in the World Cup in Brazil, where there are currently 5 players in the current squad who won the World Cup title, they are: Manuel Neuer and Matthias Ginter and Toni Kroos, as well as Mueller and Hummels.

Also, what was noticeable during the preparations of the German national team for the current tournament, and which the German newspapers talked about, was that it chose a place to prepare similar to the one in which he was in Brazil, so that the players could live the atmosphere of that World Cup and remain in their memory.

Thus, it seems that the World Cup in Brazil is still present in the minds of the Germans, as their achievement in it was great. For Germans, the sun still rises from Brazil. If the German national team is in the current European Cup, as it was in Brazil, we can talk here about the achievement of this generation.


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