George Wassouf… the miracle child who became the “Sultan of Tarab”


Everything indicated that he was heading towards fame with confident steps. But no one knew he would become an icon! George Wassouf began his artistic career in childhood, and in a short period of time occupied a prominent position. An exciting artistic story that was woven by the owner of “The Night of Lovers” since his first steps. His family became aware that they had been endowed with a fine artistic talent, and that she “dozen” her nights in the mood of sober art. His mother, Farha Al-Echo, a name that left its mark on everyone, especially with her son, who was deeply attached to her spiritually and emotionally. The simple woman was a singer, the news of everyone who knew her, the goodness of her voice, which she bequeathed to her only son among four daughters. As for the real “godfather” in the life of the most famous Syrian singer in his country, his father was light-hearted, Badi’ al-Shaer, who showed great interest in his son’s talent and taught him how to write mawwal, while the mother glowed in the hoarseness of her son’s voice, as he expressed to her the tenderness of his feelings with songs beginnings. A mawal sang to her “I am a traveler”, which became known after the expansion of his fame, in addition to the song “Mama Ya Mama”!
From the “Syrian capital of humor” Homs, Al-Wasouf set out, specifically from the town of Al-Shajar Al-Ali and the fresh air of “Kafroun” where he climbed the school stage when he was 13 years old. The school party suggested an early start for a caravan that made its way to fame, but no one could predict where it would go! And to what extent its path will be rugged, or fraught with dangers, until certainty came and all doubts were denied! A few years passed, after which George became nicknamed “The Miracle Child”, because according to the testimony of the great composers, he possessed a unique voice material, which later enabled him to present the songs of the giants of Arab music. After he became famous in Syria, he traveled to Beirut, and started his journey from nightclubs and restaurants until private party offers began pouring in.
Anyone who knows George Wassouf closely knows that he is an unparalleled case. One copy was imitated by dozens (most notably the Syrian star Abdel Moneim Amayri) and remained unique without any parallel. Not only in terms of charisma, presence, gait, sound quality, and the relationship with the audience, but also in earning huge amounts of money and then wasting it!
Of course, rumors were the companions of Al-Wusuf’s path, as they had accompanied him since his inception. Some of the stories were true, and others were false. But George was always present and his news dominated the media scene, as long as he never sang except that the halls were crowded many hours before his appearance on the stage.
On the other hand, fate repeatedly accompanied him in hours of distress and illness to the extent that his doctors were astonished by the speed of his response to treatment, as he was afflicted in the year 2000 with a rare disease in his hip that only affects the elderly, but the result was that the operation that was performed on him in Florida was a great success, and he fell Medical predictions about the difficulty of his walking after that, so he arrived at Beirut airport and walked on his feet amid a warm welcome and a massive public reception, perhaps unprecedented in the history of modern Arab singing. Then, on October 20, 2011, he escaped death, after suffering a stroke in Yafour, near Damascus, after which he was transferred to the Medical Center of the American University of Beirut, amid a storm of round-the-clock rumors. Even some Damascene cafés were momentarily sad when some media outlets broadcast false news about his death, while others reported that he had been paralyzed, which actually happened without his voice being affected. After that, George Wassouf was satisfied with rare media appearances, after which he took the stage of “Beirut Holidays” on July 29, 2014, in the first meeting with the public in years. Since then and until today, Al-Wossouf’s appearances were lightning and perhaps unsuccessful to the extent that he was advised to retire from art and refrain from appearing and preserve his image and artistic history with the public, but he insisted on continuing. Finally, George said his two-word sentence: Damascus, Latakia! In the capital of time, the entrances to the castle were closed and tens of thousands gathered. The same situation happened yesterday in the Syrian “Bride of the Coast” in the municipal stadium in the midst of an unprecedented carnival situation with news of his withdrawal from the party as a result of chaos and crowding, then the matter was denied by others, led by the star Safa Sultan, who sang one of his songs with the choir. Which is what the Lebanese man did, Adam is one of the most beautiful Arab voices… Who is the Arab singer who accepts dedicated names to stand in his choir, or for his insults on stage for the audience’s heart to be more beloved than honey? Only “Sultan” without anyone else!


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