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Riyadh 04 Dhul Qi’dah 1442 AH corresponding to June 14, 2021 AD
NEOM, in partnership with the Radio and Television Authority in Saudi Arabia, launched the NEOM Academy for Digital Media Training initiative, which aims to provide an incubator environment for the latest technologies and the best international standards in the field of media; With the aim of graduating future media professionals, and enabling them to keep pace with the rapid updates witnessed by the media arena in the field of filming, developing and producing short video content, in addition to distributing local content on digital platforms.
The Academy will provide a training program for 30 young men and women from different parts of the Kingdom, in its pilot phase, to enable them to develop their skills and refine their expertise in the field of filming and producing short video content, allowing them to learn about scientific concepts and practical applications in the field of production and management of meaningful digital media content. The academic partnership with the Radio and Television Corporation will allow the possibility of adopting these experiences and providing them with promising professional opportunities by opening employment paths in different disciplines for graduates of the program who have achieved impressive results.
Developing young national talents and ensuring the provision of skilled expertise is a key element of NEOM’s media sector vision, which intersects with NEOM’s goals to be a regional center and one of the largest and most important media industry centers in the world.
The CEO of the Radio and Television Authority, Muhammad Al-Harthy, said that the authority’s contribution to these development initiatives comes in strengthening its original role in contributing to the manufacture of young national competencies capable of achieving leadership aspirations and participating in achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
Al-Harthy also revealed that the training program is the first of a future project adopted by the Radio and Television Authority, in cooperation with entities that provide the desired addition, such as NEOM, to give the opportunity for Saudi media talents to develop their professional expertise, according to the highest standards that qualify them for a professional media future.
The program begins on July 4, and the curriculum includes three components designed to match the accelerating pace of new media work, including training workshops, interactive seminars, and teamwork to produce media content that will cover the basics of storytelling, principles of journalism, and methods of publishing in social media platforms, In addition to technical and technical skills for content production with a focus on best practices for mobile video production, the program will conclude with the presentation of group and individual projects by program participants.
The second program of its kind launched by NEOM, in partnership with the National College of Film and Television, is a grant for Saudi talents; In order to study filmmaking and obtain a certificate as well as obtain a master’s degree.
“Our success will largely depend on our ability to provide the media sector with the local talent it needs for long-term success,” said Wayne Borg, CEO of NEOM’s media, entertainment, culture and fashion sectors.
Burg added: “In addition to our partnerships with international media schools to develop a modern media infrastructure that embraces the best local talents and capabilities in NEOM, this new collaboration with media experts, such as Nada Al Shaibani, and a reputable institution such as the Radio and Television Authority, provides training courses that may lead to opportunities Short-term employment, with the possibility of opening promising pathways for employment with permanent contracts in the future.
In turn, Director of Human Resources Department at NEOM, Amin Bukhari, said: “NEOM Media Academy provides an educational system that focuses on enabling our youth to develop their skills in several disciplines to help them excel and shine in a highly competitive industry. Our vision is to use the best known global practices in the field of Technology and innovation to attract, inspire and develop young national competencies, to hone their skills and support them to be ready to manage this sector professionally and highly competitive.”
It is noteworthy that the program targets Saudi youth between the ages of 22 and 35, who have the desire to hone their skills in the field of digital content, as they can register to attend the course scheduled to be held in Riyadh starting from July 4 through the electronic link: http://scholarships.neom .com.
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