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Riyadh 04 Dhul Qi’dah 1442 AH corresponding to June 14, 2021 AD
Today’s newspaper headlines:
The Crown Prince offers condolences to the Crown Prince of Kuwait on the death of Sheikh Mansour Al-Ahmad
The Prince of Riyadh to Al-Imam University graduates: You have overcome the difficulties
Amir Jazan stresses hard work and completion of projects
Amir Najran reviews the report of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue
The Prince of Qassim receives the final recommendations of the Family Protection Forum حماية
Faisal bin Nawaf receives the newly appointed Director of Qurayyat Health
A historic Saudi stand to establish peace in Afghanistan
The Mufti: The Kingdom is keen to safely conduct Hajj rituals
178 companies and institutions serving domestic pilgrims
Suspension of 136 employees in the military and civilian sectors in corruption cases
The Shura Committees are studying the retirement reports, the visual media, and the Family Affairs Council
Algerians vote to elect members of parliament
Jordan’s destabilizing trial begins
Protests are raging in Tunisia
The newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs, where the newspaper “Al-Riyadh” said in its editorial entitled (Civilized Value): A pioneering and important step, and a cultural act worthy of appreciation, which was carried out by the King Abdulaziz Public Library, which was the translation of books Travelers and Orientalists who visited the Arabian Peninsula and the Kingdom through its various historical phases.
She continued: The importance of these translations lies in the fact that they play an important cultural role in correcting the wrong mental image of our country, especially since we in our Arab and Islamic world in general have suffered a lot from the hateful hostility of the Western other; This disgusting and distorted view of everything that is Arabic is accompanied by belittling, underestimating and contemptuous. Those hostility, stalking, and greed revealed in their positions and the writings of their thinkers and philosophers, and it is a contagion that is transmitted through time. This is at the global level, and there are also rivalries that are no less malicious and slanderous against us and our country, bearing the same hateful and misleading feelings of our right and envious of us for the abundant good that God has bestowed upon us for civilization, growth and development in various fields.
All these efforts made by our institutions in different locations; To present the correct image about us, there is no doubt that it is important and it is required to devote it in a thoughtful and realistic manner to erase the wrong mental image of our country, which has exceeded everyone in its presence and giving and building for the place and the person.
Al-Bilad newspaper stated in its editorial entitled (Human Health First): The competent authorities continue to implement precautionary and preventive measures in the face of the global epidemic (Covid-19) after the great success achieved by the Kingdom in reducing its effects and repercussions and providing free vaccines to citizens and residents, leading to the return of life. natural.
She added: The current stage necessitated focusing on the first dose and postponing the second to give society the highest level of immunity, with an emphasis on the safety of vaccines, which calls for not paying attention to false rumors or promoting them and adhering to the instructions and guidelines, which are procedures that reflect the accurate evaluation of each stage and its required procedures within the most important goal that is always present, which is Strengthening health security, for which the Kingdom provides all the reasons.
She stressed: In the same context, the decision to limit Hajj to residents and citizens comes within the wise leadership’s concern for human health and safety, with the spread of the epidemic and its changes in many countries, and to enable those wishing to perform the ritual to perform their rituals through health controls and procedures to maintain their safety and to achieve the purposes of Sharia in Preserving the human soul, and this was confirmed and welcomed by officials, scholars, experts and specialists in many countries.
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper reported in its editorial titled (Recovery Updates and Demand Estimates): It is evident that things are heading towards more global economic mobility and growth, despite some negative effects in this step in this region or that, or an entire continent, as happened in Europe. From frightening declines in economic indicators, as a result of the lack of complete control of the Corona epidemic.
And she continued: And the return of the wheel of the economy to spinning at different speeds, reinforced the expectations of the former Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries “OPEC” that the markets need to pump more oil during the coming period. The economic recovery, which is clearly evident in most oil-consuming countries, raised – in fact – The level of demand for oil, especially in the United States and China, the latter of which recorded significant growth thanks to the rapid recovery from the Corona pandemic and the control of the health situation, despite the ambiguity of the vision yet for the future of the global economy. In addition, the American recovery was accompanied by huge support packages, This boosts energy demand in general.
She indicated: On this basis, there is a need, according to “OPEC”, to pump more oil in the remainder of this year at least, and the estimates are already high, backed by realistic developments on the ground, as demand will rise this year by 6.6 percent, or the equivalent of 5.95 million barrels per day, knowing that these expectations have not changed for the second month in a row, which confirms once again that global markets will later need more oil supplies. It is noteworthy that these expectations come in light of a slower recovery than expected for the global economy during the first half of this year, and if this recovery movement continues, regardless of its speed indicators, the demand for oil will rise, especially during the upcoming winter period, in which it rises. Usually oil demand.
She stressed: There is no doubt that the demand for oil supplies would have increased even more than the expectations of “OPEC”, if some countries had not had to re-close their economies, or delay in opening them completely, due to the new strains that appear here and there of the Corona virus, so Britain – for example Example – I decided a few days ago not to fully open all of its sectors on the 11th of this month, and to postpone that until next month.
And “Al-Youm” newspaper reported in its editorial entitled (Corona Vaccine.. and the main objectives): the sustained efforts made by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which put human safety first.. and made for this noble goal sustained efforts and unlimited sacrifices that are easy to monitor in all daily manifestations that took into account Also, the continuation of the normal life cycle in a way that reflects the volume of continuous work, careful planning and elaborate implementation of the stages that the response to this pandemic has gone through, until reaching the current stage in which the vaccine is provided to all citizens and residents alike.
And she added: What the Ministry of Health has stated that about 14.5 million people have been given a dose of the Corona vaccine, and that the current goal is to give the largest possible number of society at least a first dose, and accordingly the second dose of the vaccine has been postponed to achieve a main goal which is to give the largest number of members of society. One dose of vaccines, and thus the society reaches better levels of immunity and faster.. Here, the accuracy in studying and evaluating the development of the current stage, as well as the ability of plans and strategies that the Ministry of Health and all concerned parties are working on to address the emerging Corona pandemic, with the support and unlimited care of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia in order to preserve the current gains and achieve the main goals of societal immunity as soon as possible.
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