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Riyadh 01 Dhul Qi’dah 1442 AH corresponding to June 11, 2021 AD
Today’s newspaper headlines:
Al-Faisal inaugurates the Digital Projects Exhibition and honors the winners of the Makkah Excellence Award.
The Prince of Riyadh conveys the congratulations of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince to the graduates of King Saud University.
Amir Tabuk: Education is the real investment.
Faisal bin Mishaal: Honoring the martyrs of health and appreciating their sacrifices is a right deserved.
The deputy governor of Riyadh performs the funeral prayer for the martyr of duty Al-Qahtani and visits Al-Subaie.
Corona infection increases with gatherings.
Moratinos: The Kingdom’s leading role in supporting dialogue between cultures and civilizations.
20 thousand Saudi female employees are registered with “Wusool”.
Suspending an employee who established 17 projects on commercial entities for his relatives.
The land of peace inaugurates the era of Afghan peace.
Next to the Sacred House… Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan.
The occupation kills two Palestinian officers… and Abu Rudeina: Things will get out of control
Lifting sanctions on Iran is a “kiss of life” for crime cartels.
Petra.. the tourists were absent, so the people died of starvation.
Iran’s prisons… A date with death.
The newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs. Al-Bilad newspaper said in its editorial entitled (Peace for Afghanistan): In an important step that translates the firm and honorable positions of the Kingdom under its wise leadership; To bring security and peace throughout the Islamic world. The leading scholars in Pakistan and Afghanistan, next to the Sacred House of God in Mecca, signed the historic declaration of peace in Afghanistan, which paves the way for a solution to the Afghan crisis by supporting negotiations between the warring factions and rejecting all acts of violence and extremism in all its forms and manifestations. The Muslim World League has made great efforts to hold the conference Under the auspices and support of the Kingdom, which brought together for the first time the leading scholars of Afghanistan and Pakistan to achieve reconciliation among the Afghan people.
She concluded: The results of the conference and the contents of the declaration of reunification, healing of rifts, spreading peace and preserving blood, confirm the Kingdom’s keenness for the peace process in Afghanistan to reach its desired goals and to enhance the noble Sharia’a purposes of solidarity and integration among Muslims. These supreme goals require all Afghan parties to overcome the wounds of the past burdened by decades of conflicts, the necessity of solidarity and unity of ranks, the consolidation of national unity and upholding its status among the spectra of one people, and giving priority to the supreme interest of Afghanistan, which deserves the unified will and sincere effort of all its people; For a secure and stable present, long-awaited economic development, and a better future for generations under a broad national umbrella for all.
Al-Riyadh newspaper confirmed in its editorial entitled (Peace of Afghanistan): In the vicinity of the immaculate Holy Mosque, the great scholars of the Republics of Pakistan and Afghanistan signed a historic declaration of peace in Afghanistan, a country that has not known peace for four decades, during which it was exposed to several wars for various reasons. Different, all poured into the direction of instability in this Islamic country and the lack of development, which certainly reflected negatively on the basics of life in it.
She added that the Kingdom, based on its leading leadership position in the Islamic world, did not stand idly by, but rather always stressed the need to lay the foundations for peace in Afghanistan, and yesterday’s announcement came as a culmination of the efforts made over many years of effort to reach peace that returns Afghanistan to the right path by ending The war and the start of a development process by discussing all political, social and economic issues. The conference is a serious attempt to find ways to solve the Afghan problem through constructive dialogue and effective mediation. The large participation in the conference, which included the various spectrums of the Afghan people, their leaders and scholars confirms the existence of a sincere desire and real will In order to reach comprehensive peace in order to achieve the unlimited support from the Kingdom and the efforts made by the Muslim World League, it remains for all the active forces in Afghanistan to play the role entrusted to them to put the agreement into effect by stopping the bloodshed and starting to implement the foundations on which the agreement was based. To return to its normal position in the international community, which is something that needs a lot of sincere and hard work and focus on points The meeting and the positives that will put the Afghan people back on the path of great hopes.
Al-Yawm newspaper saw in its editorial title (Declaration of Peace.. and the Firm Approach): The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.. The Land of the Two Holy Mosques.. The Land of Peace and the Qibla of Muslims.. the country whose sustained efforts are witnessed in history to support and sponsor everything that would achieve peace in the region and the world. In general, and the Islamic world in particular, in an approach that is firmly rooted from the foundation stages until this prosperous and auspicious era under the leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Highness the Crown Prince “may God protect them.” The Kingdom’s sponsorship and support for the Islamic Conference, “Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan” is one of the frameworks that It outlines the integrated landscape of the Kingdom’s efforts to achieve peace around the world.
She added: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s support and sponsorship of the work of the Islamic Conference “Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan”, with the participation of senior officials and scholars from the Islamic Republics of Afghanistan and Pakistan, confirms that historical and pioneering role in leading the joint Islamic action, serving the causes of Islam and Muslims, and tireless assistance to establish security, peace and stability. throughout the Islamic world.
And she indicated: The large participation of the various spectrums of the Afghan people, their leaders and scholars in the conference reflects a sincere desire, firm determination and a real will of all to establish lasting peace in their homeland and respond and positively interact with the important and pivotal roles played by the Kingdom in supporting the peace and reconciliation process in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Which comes out of its keenness to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the brotherly Afghan people in achieving lasting peace and restoring security, stability, prosperity and prosperity. The Muslim World League has made great efforts to convene the conference, with the aim of achieving reconciliation between the Afghan parties, and consolidating the foundations of peace in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
She concluded: The government and popular welcome of her initiative, “Declaring Peace in Afghanistan” by the Afghan and Pakistani sides, embodies the support for the efforts made to make the peace process a success and indicates the role of the Muslim World League in resolving all conflicts and disputes within the societal fabric of the Islamic nation, within the framework of great support and care. And the Islamic leadership of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the appreciation of the Afghan and Pakistani governments, and all the participants in the “Conference on the Declaration of Peace in Afghanistan” of officials, scholars and decision makers, is evidence of their high appreciation of the Kingdom’s positions and efforts in support of establishing security and peace in Afghanistan, and its quest to create an atmosphere for dialogue and enhance confidence and will The joint venture to end the state of war, through its sponsorship and support for the conference.
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