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Riyadh, Shawwal 28, 1442 AH, corresponding to June 09, 2021 AD
Today’s newspaper headlines:
The leadership congratulates the King of Jordan on the anniversary of the sitting day.
The Cabinet: Raising the Kingdom’s competitiveness among the ten most business stimulating countries
The Kingdom and Rwanda agree to support relations in various fields.
Cabinet: “Riyadh Initiative” strengthens international cooperation to combat corruption.
Prince of Riyadh: The Kingdom is an example in health and humanitarian dealings.
Faisal bin Mishaal launches Forum to protect the family from violence.
Deputy Emir of Riyadh receives the Ambassador of Ukraine and Director of Traffic of the Region.
Prince of Eastern praises the security of the facilities and briefed on tourism plans.
Fahd bin Sultan: Saudi society was distinguished by its honesty.
The North Prince is preparing 3,386 graduates for the labor market.
Health: 1261 Corona injuries, and 922 cases recovered.
Keeping abreast of media developments to reduce crime.
Demands an international investigation into the crimes of Houthi targeting of civilians.
Daglo: The tension between the army and the rapid support is a rumor.
The inauguration of the new Israeli government next Sunday.
Putin and Biden at the same table .. Are the differences dissipated?.
Alzheimer’s treatment is a glimmer of hope in America.
A massive international security operation against organized crime.
The volunteer star shines in the darkness of the Colombian protests.
The newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs, where the newspaper “Al-Bilad” said in its editorial entitled (The Digital Economy): The Saudi economy is witnessing progress and increasing growth in more than one direction, to achieve sustainable transformation, and it has possessed the strong ingredients that were prepared for it from During the ambitious vision 2030, and the continuous care it receives for its objectives from the wise leadership, may God protect it, all sectors have made fruitful strides and stages in this transformation by raising the efficiency of spending and investment opportunities in development projects aimed at increasing the contribution of the non-oil sectors to the sustainable economy and the total public revenues, Providing jobs for male and female citizens.
She added: This is how the Bank expands the ambitious goals for the present and future of the economy, and the growing balance of achievements in all sectors, and in this context comes the role of the digital economy in which the Kingdom has recorded advanced stages, thus strengthening its position at the forefront of the economies of the region, and the effectiveness of its role in shaping the future of the global economy through Group of Twenty adults.
She concluded: The billion figures record ambitious facts for the digital infrastructure, market need and investments in the Kingdom, on which the digital economy is based and accelerates its development capabilities, including what the Communications and Information Technology Commission announced about the growth of the sector’s markets by an estimated rate of 37%, bringing the size of the communications and information technology market And the post in the Kingdom amounted to 140.4 billion riyals, of which 69 billion riyals came to the telecommunications market and the information technology market with a size of 65 billion riyals, with an accelerating growth rate of 10%. From infrastructure development, effective organizational management, and enabling digital transformation and advanced technologies.
Al-Riyadh newspaper confirmed in its editorial titled (Numbers and Reality Talk): The numbers are an indicator that does not lie, and a quick look at what the National Transformation Program has brought about in terms of huge leaps in development indicators, reflects the volume of exceptional work that the Kingdom has witnessed in recent years, but the numbers are important It is not the only evidence of the magnitude of the great change for the better. The manifestations of these numbers on the ground are so clear that it is not hidden from the eye. What happened during a few years is an experience of superior success, effectiveness and tight focus to achieve real, tangible change that does not need to be highlighted, as it speaks for itself.
She said that the recent figures monitor, for example, an increase in the economic participation rate of Saudi women, a qualitative increase to reach 33.5% by the end of 2020, a figure that the reader does not expect to know the size of the large employment of women in society. Rarely do you find a family that did not benefit from this vital aspect of the National Transformation Program. It is also a visible reality and a livelihood that we see in the success and excellence of women in the various fields of work that opened their doors for them in our dear homeland, a transformation in which the Kingdom exceeded the rates of women’s employment in countries that preceded us in empowering women.
She indicated that the size of the reform that resulted from the National Transformation Program is impressive, without the slightest exaggeration, in terms of the size of the transformation and also in terms of its short time period. Since the emergence of this ambitious program, and until the end of 2020, the size of the reforms that took place at the investment level reached 555 reforms, which moved the field The investment in the Kingdom has taken a new era, and resulted in an unprecedented smoothness in this field. Perhaps one of its aspects is to shorten the period of establishing a business from 15 days to only half an hour, a result that clearly expresses what the national transformation process means and aims for.
And she concluded: The annual report of the recently launched National Transformation Program is full of numbers and ratios that draw an ascending line for the project of a homeland that aspires to the heights. Just a dream come true day after day.
Al-Youm newspaper emphasized in its editorial titled (Development of Systems.. and Quality of Life): Development in the systems of work, retirement and social security in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, whether related to employees of government sectors or private work sectors.. All of them come from the plans and strategies of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which It seeks to raise quality to match the aspirations of the Kingdom’s vision to achieve an integrated work environment in all the details of its production, outputs, services, rights and duties of its employees, which will positively reflect on the quality of tender, production strength and achievement of targets.
She considered that the inclusion of the social insurance system, including the development and appropriations it contains, all workers in ministries and government agencies who are not subject to the civil retirement system, including those working on temporary jobs or contracts, regardless of their length of service.
And she continued: And also what meets with these developments from the arrangements for how to deal with government employees in the entities targeted for transformation and privatization according to the standards of the rules and arrangements adopted in that. From providing a platform for plans and rules of action from which tangible developments to achieve this end are launched, which are related to the aspirations of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the aspirations of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve the life of the individual and society in a way that is reflected in the smallest details and the broadest horizons concerned with this concept.
And she indicated that the proactive and detailed announcing the details of the regulations related to work and social security, comes within the principle of transparency that is common in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the foundation stages until this prosperous and auspicious era.. It enhances the achievement of the objectives of these regulations in a way that rises to the level of aspiration and hope, especially with regard to those concerned with them in a way. The directness and extent of its reflection on the reality and future of their professional life, thus achieving the principle of comprehensive quality of life in accordance with the ambition of the vision of the Kingdom.
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