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Riyadh 26 Shawwal 1442 AH corresponding to 07 June 2021 AD SPA
Today’s newspaper headlines:
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques offers condolences to the Prime Minister of Mauritius on the death of his father
The Saudi-Kuwaiti Coordination Council, a new chapter for broader horizons
The Kingdom condemns the terrorist attack in the town of Solhan
Mohammed bin Nasser approves the candidates of the Jazan Youth Council and congratulates “Educating a Boy”
The Prince of Tabuk reviews the report on the work of the health affairs
Amir Najran praises the work of the Special Force for Road Security
Faisal bin Mishaal inaugurates the “E-waste” symposium
Prince of Al-Jouf inaugurates the 14th edition of the Olive Festival
The Minister of Foreign Affairs receives his Kuwaiti counterpart and they hold an official session of talksباحث
Corona indicators are heading for stability and decline
King Salman Relief Center continues to provide food for Rohingya refugees للاجئين
Brutal Houthi bombing kills civilians in Marib
Palestinian Foreign Ministry warns Netanyahu against escalation in Jerusalem
Barham Salih: The security of Iraq is a requirement for the stability of the region
The newspapers focused on many files and issues in the local, regional and international affairs, where the newspaper “Al-Bilad” said in its editorial entitled (The March of Fraternity): The Kingdom and Kuwait have solid and rooted relations, stemming from sincere visions, cohesion and a common destiny, and continuing their way towards a prosperous future that achieves security and prosperity Under the wise leadership of the two brotherly countries.
And she continued: With a great deal of historical ties and ties of brotherhood and common will, the Kingdom and Kuwait achieved a new impetus for joint cooperation by signing a number of cooperation agreements to stimulate investment in the fields of education, scientific research and other fields, at the conclusion of the meetings of the Coordination Council that was held yesterday under the chairmanship of the two foreign ministers, in translation of directives The wise leadership of the two brotherly countries, and the great attention it attaches to everything that pushes bilateral relations to broader horizons, and in a manner that reflects the common vision of deepening and sustaining relations, strengthening the economic system and integration between them in the political, security and military fields, and ensuring the effective implementation of opportunities for cooperation and partnership, as a distinctive model that reflects the status of the two countries In various fields, and joint coordination towards various regional and international issues and challenges.
And the newspaper “Al-Riyadh” confirmed in its editorial entitled (Against Humanity): Every day that passes we find – unfortunately – that our world is becoming increasingly ruthless and ferocious. Some countries, fragile in their values ​​and morals, affirm the defeat of reason and the delinquency of the world to behaviors and practices that are far from any moral, human and moral commitment. A world where the law of the jungle is in its ugliest form.
She continued: The worst of this shameful international situation is; It is the state of humiliation, indolence and irresponsibility on the part of the countries of the world with great influence and presence; For states and militias to practice their arrogance without shame or compliance with international charters and covenants in front of the world; It is an affirmation of the chaos and inferno of instability that afflicts the world.
Unjust wars, blatant attacks, interference in the politics of peoples, and other interactions that did not care about any moral, ethical, religious, human or civil deterrent; We watch it daily and do not find the appropriate response to these outrageous attacks.
And she indicated: Yesterday, we witnessed the targeting of civilians by the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia in Khamis Mushait through a (bombed) drone, which was intercepted by the coalition forces. The world also witnessed the treacherous missile attack of the Houthi militia, which targeted the Yemeni city of Marib, and resulted in the death and injury of dozens of innocent civilians in a bloody massacre that led to the death of 17 people and the injury of dozens of innocent civilians, which constitute war crimes against humanity that require urgent prosecution of their perpetrators, which are crimes and violations It comes as an extension of the crimes and terrorist attacks carried out by the Houthi coup militia against innocent civilians of the Yemeni people. committed without a conscience or morals scrutiny; This undermines international efforts that seek to spread peace in the world and ensure a stable life and security for all peoples.
Al-Eqtisadiah newspaper explained in its editorial entitled (Food and Safety Standards Requirements): The recognition of Nestlé, the largest food company in the world, that more than 60 percent of its food and beverage products do not conform to the current definition of health, is truly surprising and unprecedented. The company, which offers more than two thousand products in the global market, confirmed the fact that a large proportion of foods and drinks, especially preserved ones, are unhealthy, despite all the updates that food establishments in general impose on their products. And Nestlé’s recognition enhances the path of government trends around the world, as well as the movement of civil society globally, to reach the best possible nutritional status, especially with the deterioration of the healthy nutritional level, not only through the expansion of the circle of “junk” or fast foods, but by improving food production generally preserved.
She added, “Noting that this Swiss company has confirmed that food and beverage products for children already maintain a high level of health.” It is noteworthy that 70 percent of Nestle’s products, of course, failed to achieve the health limit, which stands at the threshold of 3.5 stars out of five stars, and water and dairy products topped the health index of the company’s total products, which globally employ more than 291,000 people. Its real value is around $100 billion. And if the health level of the products of a giant company such as “Nestle” is at this low level, what is the case with other similar institutions that are smaller in size and may not be subject to strict government health standards? The Swiss company sells its products around the world, including the European Union, of course, and the latter is already ahead of the rest of the world in terms of stringent food and health control, as the standards on which it is relied are greater than those in force in a country such as the United States, for example.
And she continued: However, “Nestlé” comes out to recognize the low health level of its food products, and because it is in this way, civil society organizations in developed countries must move in cooperation with the competent government institutions, to achieve more rapid progress in the movement to ensure the highest health level for food products. Domestic and imported ones. It is really remarkable that the Swiss company has reached this shocking result, in light of successive improvements made to its products, which means that there is a missing link that specialists must find, as the financial costs incurred by governments around the world from diseases caused by unhealthy foods are growing, and spending Countries spend a large proportion of their health budgets on treating conditions caused by eating unhealthy foods, including sugars, fats, some soft drinks, and so on. “Nestle” is already working on modernizing and fortifying its products, so what was appropriate decades ago is no longer so nowadays, and CEO Mark Schneider rejects what some considered that the foods manufactured by his company and similar multinational companies, tend to be unhealthy. .
Okaz newspaper said in its editorial entitled (Confronting Iran in Yemen): The announcement of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen confirms the interception and destruction of the air defenses by a booby-trapped drone, launched towards Khamis Mushait yesterday morning (Sunday), that the terrorist Houthi militia that deliberately targets civilians. And civilian objects are not serious about dealing with peace initiatives and international efforts to end the war in Yemen, because they do not have the ability to take decisions, which have been proven to be cooked in Tehran and dictated to militia leaders in Sanaa.
She continued: Despite the benevolent efforts made by some parties, and the arrival of an Omani delegation to Sana’a, this Iranian militia is still practicing its terrorism by launching booby-trapped drones. Perhaps the killing of a number of women, children, and medical staff in Marib in a Houthi attack on civilians, in full view of the world, confirms that this militia does not know the language of peace, and cannot engage in serious negotiations, because it is just a tool driven by the Iranian regime, which is still tampering with the security of and stability of the region.
And she concluded: If Washington believes that the Houthis bear full responsibility because of their refusal to engage meaningfully in a ceasefire, and to take steps to reach a solution to the conflict that has been going on for nearly 7 years, and has caused unimaginable suffering, what is expected today is to unite efforts and take a unified decision. Confronting this terrorist militia and ridding Yemen of its hegemony that led to the killing of innocents and the violation of human rights, emphasizing that this militia is trying to exploit the humanitarian file, which has deliberately caused the pain and suffering Yemenis face, believing that it will achieve political gains.
In its editorial, Al-Youm newspaper stressed in its editorial titled (Saudi Sports and the Global Vision): Improving the quality of life in general and thus focusing on the most accurate aspects that would achieve this concept comes within the basic strategies that define the features of the platform from which the prospects of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, its ambitions and goals are based. And its objectives, and sports come at the forefront of the projects that the Kingdom’s vision decided to re-evaluate its concepts, develop its capabilities, and expand the size of its presence in the life of the individual and society, in order to be an integral part of the daily lifestyle, and an axis linked to the various concepts of education, culture and development.
And she continued: When we return to what His Highness the Minister of Sports mentioned that our sport in a previous period lacked the expansion of games, and this unfortunately caused the loss of talent, and thank God, the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 came to serve this aspect by promoting and spreading sports… We are here in front of a scene that confirms the Kingdom’s vision more accurately. Details that will develop creativity, hone talents, raise their efficiency, and harness all means to achieve these goals.
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