Gasoline problems continue… and this is what happened to the station| battalions


Problems arise over the fuel supply.

A problem occurred at one of the petrol stations in Sidon, due to waiting to fill the cars with gasoline, and the forms developed from arguments to stampedes, forcing the owner of the station to close it and apologize to customers.

The city experiences heavy traffic, due to queues of cars waiting for their turn to fill up gasoline.

Not far from the file, M.A. sustained injuries and bruises as a result of a problem that occurred in Al-Badawi near the entrance to the new highway, where a person parked his car in front of a café owned by a person from the Kahil family, waiting in line for his turn to fill his car with fuel from one Gas stations in the area.

But our argument happened between the owner of the car and the owner of the cafe because the car was parked in front of his cafe, which developed into a problem, during which the owner of the cafe broke down M.’s car. p. He hit him with sharp tools, after which the owner of the car summoned his sons, who were in possession of a military pistol and a military rifle.

A Lebanese army patrol immediately attended and worked to cordon off the problem, while pursuing the shooters in preparation for their arrest.

A problem also occurred at the choir station in Ghazir (Kfarhbab), as the attached video shows.




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