Garden care works positively on mental health |


London – Some studies have revealed that there are amazing benefits of gardening, which reflect positively on mental and physical health, and experts have confirmed that gardening helps improve mood and fight depression.

Experts pointed out that gardening is a very beneficial physical activity, as tasks such as weeding, pruning and watering are considered exercise that will positively reflect on the health of the heart, bones and muscles.

Experts recommend at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity exercise for optimal health and fitness.

Gardening can help the body obtain vitamin D, which is necessary for bone health and other vital functions, as spending a short time in the sun will meet the body’s needs for this vitamin.

Gardening can also be a wonderful family activity as gardening encourages communication and bonding between family members and teaches children life skills such as responsibility and caring.

Spending time outside in the garden is a fun activity that can help relieve stress and tension

Gardening is one of the beautiful things in life and one of the easiest ways to connect children with nature, because when children see their parents gardening in the garden of the house or a piece of land they own gives them mental health Better in adulthood are more positively related to their environment.

According to experts, gardening is one of the jobs that people used to enjoy all five senses by working in it, and therefore it is considered one of the most useful activities for children that provide them with the foundations of science and arts, as children gain a great deal of knowledge about the growth of plants and related to caring for them in a practical way No theory. Children also feel more responsible and mature because they will be more advanced than their peers.

Studies have revealed the role of gardening in relieving stress and aiding relaxation. Gardening or a similar hobby provides a healthy outlet for stress relief. Spending time outside gardening is a fun activity that can help relieve stress.

One study of people who performed a stressful task and then gardened or read a book for 30 minutes showed that gardening significantly reduced stress and improved mood even more than reading.

British clinics such as the Kornbrook Medical Clinic in Holm Manchester began prescribing gardening for people suffering from anxiety and depression. Patients are given plants to care for, which are then planted in a designated public garden where they can engage in activity with others and strengthen social bonds.


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