From dancing to acting… Are we witnessing Nelly Karim’s transformation into the world of singing?!


Nelly Karim

The Egyptian star, Lilly Karim, confirmed that she does not mind the idea of ​​her entering the field of singing, noting that she sings for fun and has no objection to providing more, after her previous experience of singing with the song “Dula Doula” with the artillery, and the festival song “Millionaire” that she presented in her series succeeded. With “100 Wush”.

Nelly explained that this step made her happy when implementing the singing projects, and pointed out that she does not rule out the idea of ​​professional singing, especially since many actors have turned to that recently.

And she said in her television interview: “Those who sing act, and those who act sing … What is the problem?”

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Nelly Karim’s statements aroused the public’s interest, especially after she excelled in the field of acting during the past years, and she also succeeded in presenting songs by chance, and it is clear that the success of these songs motivated her to perform more in the field of singing.

The star Nelly Karim is experiencing a state of artistic activity in the current period, when she finished filming her scenes in the movie “200 EGP,” and is waiting for the resumption of filming “Customer Zero” with the artist Akram Hosni.

Karim had appeared in the Ramadan 2021 season in the series “Against Al Kasr”, and the work did not meet the expected success, as some accused Karim of falling into the stereotype that she came out of a year ago in the series “Ba 100 Wush”.


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