Forgive me, please.. A father leaves his two daughters in a hospital in Damascus and reveals the reason in a letter!


In an incident that has become a frequent occurrence in areas under the control of the Assad regime due to poverty and the scarcity of job opportunities, a man left his two daughters in a hospital in the capital, Damascus, leaving behind a message explaining the reason behind this behavior.

Regarding the details of the incident, a doctor working in the Mouwasat Hospital in the Mazzeh area of ​​Damascus, called “Said Jawish”, stated on his Facebook page that a father left his two daughters on one of the benches and ran away, leaving a message explaining his poverty and need, according to Syrian websites.

The doctor added, “I did not understand anything from her except this passage written on the back of the paper that the two girls need food and water and they have not eaten anything that appears for a long time.”

He continued, “In the letter, he asked (his two daughters) to forgive him. The view on the truth was heartbreaking that can never be described.”

It seems that the two girls have found someone to take care of them and take care of them, as a woman named “Heidi” wrote on “Facebook”: “How sweet it feels for a person to wake up and meet with 3 children as if they were his own… I don’t know whether to cry or laugh.”

The woman told RT how she followed the story since she read what was published about her, from the police station to the hospital, and then contacted the father, and so there were 3 children in her house, and she persuaded the father to join the two children’s brother.

She says that she acted like a mother, and went to the police station to ask about the two girls, and then to the hospital, where she posted a video of the two girls that included an appeal to the father not to leave them.

She adds that she got the father’s number, and when she called him, “he was crying, saying that he regretted what he had done,” and now he does not want to talk about what happened, and describes his condition at the moment he left his two children as “I was not only desperate, but completely unconscious.” .

The father has 3 children of similar ages, between one and three years.

And the father recounts in a recording published by the lady that he was working in the distribution of detergents, and had to take his children with him, after he separated from his wife after disagreements, and it became difficult for him to take care of the children, especially since he does not have a house, and lives in a small room, “It is not a room but a phrase.” About a small corridor, and frankly, a barn is of no use,” says the father, and confirms that he is unable to pay the rent for a room.

The woman says that the three children will remain with her now, pending the securing of a house for rent, and indicates that she has received several calls from those who offered to help, and confirms that she will not abandon them, whether there is someone who wants to help or not.

Most of those who remain in the Assad regime-controlled areas suffer from their inability to provide a livelihood for their children, which prompted some of them to leave their children in mosques, on the roads or parks, in the hope that they would find someone to take care of them.

In February of this year, a child about a year old was found in the “Four Seasons” park in the center of the capital, Damascus, where his family had left him due to poor conditions.


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