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On May 11, a controversial video of Baba Ramdev, an advocate of yoga and traditional Ayurvedic medicine widely seen as close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, went viral on social media in India.

The widespread video in which Ramdev highlighted the dire situation in hospitals at a time when the country is fighting a second wave of the pandemic, questioning the value of curative (science-based) medicine and considering it a “trivial science.”

The American Foreign Policy magazine saw – in report For columnist Sumit Ganguly, who specializes in the cultures and civilization of the Indian subcontinent, what this person has done is quite natural to observers around the world who have faced more than a year of lies, fabrications, outlandish theories and distorted sciences, but it indicates that there is a much deeper problem for India.

This country – according to the author – has a long tradition of relying on different systems of traditional medicine, and in November 2014, during his first year as prime minister, the Modi government established a new Ministry of Ayurveda, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Unani and other healing methods to promote them as alternatives. Potential for science-based therapies.

Although these traditional medical systems – the magazine report adds – have their loyal followers, and may have some benefits, only a few of their treatments have undergone rigorous scientific experiments and tests, and the studies available in this framework indicate unconfirmed or sometimes negative results as a result of relying on Various products of Ayurvedic medicine.

According to the writer, adherence to traditional medicine in many ways is still logical and acceptable in India, and a kind of hatred and mistrust in curative medicine is spreading among the people due to its association with the British colonial rule, to the extent that Mahatma Gandhi himself was questioning vaccinations on completely false grounds.

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On the other hand – the writer adds – Modi’s political heir, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, had a completely different intellectual outlook and made an effort after India’s independence to inculcate what he called “scientific nature” and actually managed to some extent succeed in his endeavor.

The writer believes that such thoughts and beliefs question the feasibility of science and correct treatment methods, they may be harmless, but in the time of the Corona pandemic they have taken a “fatal” turn.

Yogi Adityanath, a hard-line Hindu nationalist and chief minister of the populous state of Uttar Pradesh, has claimed that yoga can prevent the spread of infection. Not to be allowed to take center stage, other BJP politicians across the country have been promoting the purported preventative and curative properties of cow dung and urine.

The Foreign Policy report concludes that the statements of these politicians and their promotion of these suspicious treatments resonated with a large segment of the Indian citizens and voters, which necessarily means additional political support for the hard-line Hindu party in a situation characterized by uncertainty, great sadness and pain.

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