For this reason .. the leaked version of Windows 11 annoys Microsoft


Earlier this week, an early version of Windows 11 leaked across the web, allowing users to try out the yet-to-be-announced system from Microsoft.

A copy that appeared to have been compiled in late May provided an initial look at what Microsoft said was the next generation of Windows.

The leaked version does not paint the full picture of the OS update, as it is considered an earlier version.

It appears that Microsoft wants to restrict users from downloading it, which is why it is issuing DMCA complaints to Google in some regions.

The software giant is asking the search giant to remove results containing articles from publications with links to ISO files.

In Microsoft Japan’s complaint, the company confirms the name of Windows 11. This is because it is asking to remove the Windows 11 ISO. Claiming that this is a leaked copy of the Windows 11 operating system that has not been released.

Leaked version of Windows 11:

The company is scheduled to hold an event dedicated to demonstrating the operating system on June 24. And maybe you want users and enthusiasts to keep their judgment on the upcoming update until it’s officially revealed.

The leaked version did not show components like the Microsoft Store, which is said to have received a major update.

In addition, the leaked version lacks other improvements that are likely to be offered through feature experience packs. Which can be delivered without the need to update the operating system, something that is currently targeted only to internal staff.

There is also a lot of unknown like whether there will be a separate update for Windows 10 this fall (version 21H2). And what the update and support lifecycles look like for Windows 11.

On top of that what seems increasingly assertive is the Windows 11 branding. This branding is found in the pop-up window about Windows, the setup process, and even in DMCA notices.


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