For this reason… Aiten Amer apologizes to Afaf Shoaib – thought and art – stars and celebrities


The artist, Aiten Amer, apologized to the artist, Afaf Shoaib, against the background of a previous crisis of statements that broke out between them.

Afaf had stated that the person who helps his wife with the housework is not a man, which angered Aiten at the time.

Aiten said, during her meeting yesterday on the “Thursday Night” program on MBC Egypt, that she has all the respect for the artist Afaf Shoaib, but her statement about the man helping his wife provoked her in his time..

And she added, “As a working mother, the statement provoked me at the time, and I felt that my emotion was unjustified, and I seriously apologize to her,” noting that the working mother needs her husband’s help with simple things..

She noted that she is fortunate with her husband, who helps her as much as possible when she is in health conditions that do not allow to perform all the duties of the house, explaining that the man is not required to do huge household chores, but he can help in some things..



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