For the newlyweds… “One hundred million pounds” is the cost of home furnishing!


Yara Saad wrote innews“: Price inflation has stifled all aspects of life, and marriage and preparing a house have become a dream for most young people who receive their salaries in lira, if the salary is available due to the high unemployment rate, especially among this category. And if some of the necessities of life have remained at some levels. Almost before the crisis, such as house rents, electricity and gas fees, and others, however, furnishing and equipping the house, for example, became more imaginary.” As “the consumer price index for furniture and household equipment increased by 655%, according to the central census between December 2019 and December 2020. By the end of 2021 The numbers will be more inflated,” according to Nasser Yassin, founder of the Crisis Monitor, and since marriage is one of the things that cannot be stopped, “people need humility, because many are no longer able to live as before, or resort to the option of local industries.”

“At the minimum, one who is about to get married today needs a hundred million pounds to prepare a modest house, if we assume that the house is available,” Osama, the owner of a home and electrical appliances store, summarizes the situation of those who are about to get married in light of the crisis. “Previously, a young man needed $15 thousand, or 22 million pounds, to furnish his house. Today, how much is 15 thousand dollars?”, pointing out that the washing machine, whose price was 600,000 pounds, now costs between 4 and 5 million pounds, and the refrigerator, whose price was 900 A thousand pounds, today it is between 10 million and 13 million. And if the installment was previously one of the facilities that motivate customers to buy, but today “we can never talk about installment”, because the major companies have stopped selling goods to shop owners, and they, in turn, are no longer able to “religious people.” We live in a country where we do not know what will happen tomorrow, nor if it will still be there after two months, so how can we pay it in installments?”

It is true that prices rose in Lebanese pounds as a result of the collapse of the currency, but they are still the same in dollars, “and even decreased,” according to Saeed, the owner of one of the home appliances store, “the customs fees and theVAT Still based on 1515 LP. Those who receive their salaries in dollars did not feel that anything had changed, unlike someone whose salary was a million pounds that barely suffices him to eat and drink, so how would he buy a washing machine?».

A quick tour of some of the halls and on the websites shows the overwhelming gap between the price of the Lebanese pound and the minimum wage and the monthly salary of the Lebanese. In the face of the sharp rise in prices, many people tried to find “exits” to help them prepare their homes. Some resorted to used electrical tools or to “bales” to buy “linen”. While a significant number of young people made an “irreversible decision”… to abstain from marriage.

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