For the first time.. Madiha Al-Hamdani reveals the fate of her relationship with Qusai Khouli (photos)


Madiha Al-Hamdani was keen to leave space for her followers through the Instagram application to ask her what is on their minds and answer them frankly to clarify the outstanding issues, especially those related to her disagreement with her husband, the Syrian actor Qusay Khouli.

The Tunisian young woman decided the matter of her marriage and her stay with the Syrian star by answering a question about the possibility of her marriage again, and she said: “Who wrote my Lord”, in an explicit and direct announcement that they separated from each other once and for all.

Al-Hamdani stressed that a person can forgive a man’s harm if he apologizes and changes, but it is difficult to forget the matter.

One of her followers asked her what language her son Fares speaks, and she replied that “he speaks Tunisian, Syrian, English and French.”

Khouli’s ex-wife confirmed, through a post on the story feature on Instagram, that the relationship with her son’s father is based on respect and appreciation, describing it as one of the finest types of relationships, stressing that the relationship between them is currently a partnership to raise their only child.


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