For the first time: Iranian warships reach the Atlantic… and US intelligence assesses Tehran’s intentions


Atlanta, United States (CNN) — The Iranian Deputy Army Commander, Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, said that an Iranian Navy destroyer ship, escorted by a logistic ship, had arrived in the Atlantic Ocean, the official Iranian news agency (IRNA) reported.

Sayyari said this is the first time that Iran has been able to access the Atlantic Ocean using warships without duty at any international ports. He added that the ships sailed more than a month ago from the port of Bandar Abbas in Iran.

The United States monitors the ships, including the destroyer Sahand and the logistics ship Makran, while the intelligence community assesses Iran’s intentions.

Sayyari said that the Navy’s 77th Strategic Naval Fleet, consisting of the destroyer “Sahand” and the ship “Makran”, is in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time to demonstrate Iran’s capabilities in the maritime field.

Satellite images reveal that one of them is carrying a type of small, fast-attack boat that Iran used to harass US naval ships in the Persian Gulf. However, several US officials told CNN last week that it was unclear whether the ships were carrying any weapons.

Tehran did not say where the ships were heading, but they may be heading to Venezuela, which is subject to US sanctions but is an important trading partner of Iran.

Sayyari said, according to the IRNA news agency, “Navigating in international waters is a legitimate right of the Iranian army’s strategic navy, and we will continue this path with full force and power.”

Sayyari considered that “sailing in international waters is a legitimate right of the strategic navy of the Iranian army, and we will continue this path with full force and strength.”

Iran has reiterated its intention to send naval warships to the Atlantic Ocean over the past few years.

In 2018 and 2019, Iranian naval officials issued statements to state media about plans to send Sahand to the Atlantic, but the plans never materialized.


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