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The English Football Association announced today, Tuesday (the eighth of June), that Debbie Hewitt will take over the position of non-executive chairman of the FA, effective from January 2022.

Debbie Hewitt was unanimously selected by the seven-member new president’s selection committee, led by Kate Tinsley, who is the FA’s non-executive director. It remains only to ratify the FA Council to replace Debbie Hewitt, interim president of the FA, Peter McCormick.

The committee unanimously agreed that Debbie Hewitt has extensive experience in leadership and governance through her work in a wide range of business sectors, and has the leadership and personal capabilities required for the position.

“I am delighted to be appointed to the position of Non-Executive Chairman of the Football Association,” Debbie Hewitt said in comments published on the FA’s website.

“As events in recent months have shown, this is an important period for English football, as there is a clear objective for all stakeholders, which is to ensure the long-term safety of the game at all levels.”

“I have had a passion for football from a very young age and am excited about having the opportunity to play a role in shaping the future of something that means a lot to so many.”

Greg Clark resigned in November after a row over a reference to non-white players as “colored” while answering questions in Parliament.

Hewitt’s appointment comes at a time when the FA is facing another crisis, after the England national team was jeered a few days ago by fans on their knees to highlight racial injustice.

And English football was subjected to a crisis a few weeks ago, after a failed attempt by 12 European clubs, including six clubs from England, to establish
Dissident European Super League.

A.A.J/AGM (DPA, Reuters)


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