For pregnant women.. Tips from global health to avoid corona infection


Pregnancy is a very special stage in a woman’s and family’s life, and going through it during يكون Corona pandemic It’s very stressful, but a few extra steps can find relief.

Pregnant women should take precautions to avoid infection COVID-19, like other people, said Dr Ozge Tunçalp, WHO expert in maternal and perinatal health.

Basic procedures

She also added, during an interview with Marta Soszynska, in episode 43 of the television magazine “Science in Five”, which is broadcast on the organization’s website on the communication sites, that cleaning hands, maintaining physical distance, and wearing protective masks, are among the basics to avoid infection.

In addition, open windows as much as possible while following post-cough or sneezing hygiene instructions and, where available and appropriate, vaccinate.

In parallel, Tunchalp emphasized that at the same time, it is very important to follow the routine pregnancy and postpartum care appointments for the mother and baby, along with a healthy diet and exercise while taking care of physical and mental health.

high quality care

The maternal health expert noted that although health systems around the world are currently under great pressure, pregnancy does not stop during the pandemic.

She said the WHO’s message is very clear, that safe and respectful pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum services are essential to their preservation.

It also added that all pregnant women and their newborns, including those with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 infection, are entitled to high-quality prenatal, during and after delivery, including mental health care for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Corona Virus

Corona Virus

Pregnant women infected with corona

She explained that pregnancy does not pose an additional risk of contracting Covid-19, but it is also known that pregnant women can be more susceptible to severe cases that can lead to preterm delivery.

She also stressed the importance of pregnant women knowing what they should do if they are infected with Covid and if they suffer from fever, cough and difficulty breathing, noting the need to go quickly to seek medical care early, as access to early treatment can help reduce risks.

Corona Virus

Corona Virus

Multiple ways to get care

Dr. Tunschalp said it should be ensured that adequate information is obtained about where a pregnant woman can go if her symptoms worsen or if she develops any other complications.

The health care provider can also provide guidance on what to do in the event of movement restrictions or curfews where pregnant or postpartum mothers with COVID live.

She added that the importance of regular pregnancy and post-pregnancy examinations cannot be stressed enough, as it may become to reschedule any appointments for examinations, whether before or after birth, or for follow-up to be carried out by telemedicine, over the phone or even home visits.


With regard to the risks that infants may be exposed to, Dr. Tunchalp explained that it is rare for the infection to be transmitted from the mother to the fetus in the womb or during childbirth, and that the analyzes did not detect any active virus in breast milk. Therefore, it is important to continue breastfeeding.

She said, “As far as we know, children born to women infected or currently infected with Covid are in good health and generally do not show symptoms,” noting that infection of newborns leads to severe symptoms in most cases.


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