Following in Ronaldo’s footsteps, Pogba takes away a “bottle of beer” to one of the Euro sponsors


In an act similar to what the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, did, the star of the French national team, Paul Pogba, tossed a bottle of alcoholic drink in front of him during the press conference that followed his team’s match with Germany in the framework of the European Nations Cup.

At the beginning of the conference, Pogba removed a bottle of “Heineken” beer, which the Dutch company that produced it is one of the sponsors of the European Championship, according to the newspaper.Subway” British.

The match between France and Germany ended with the victory of the “rooster team” with a clean goal, and Pogba was chosen as the best player in the match thanks to his movements and passes that helped the “blue team” win three expensive points from a stubborn opponent.

The British newspaper said that the French player, which it described as a “observant Muslim”, chose to remove the bottle of beer, even though it was of the alcohol-free type.

This incident comes after Cristiano Ronaldo made headlines 24 hours ago when the Juventus star removed two Coca-Cola bottles from his front, calling on people to drink water for their health.

But Pogba seemed less annoyed than Ronaldo, as he removed the beer bottle calmly and without commenting on the matter.

The Manchester United midfielder, who converted to Islam in 2019, said in a previous newspaper statement that “Islam has made me change and realize things in life. I think that is more calm in me.”

He continued: “Islam has nothing to do with terrorism, and what we hear in the media does not reflect its reality, that it is something else, that it is a beautiful and wonderful thing.”


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