Five main signs of a thyroid tumor … here are the details


Advanced technology is now able to detect cancer in its early stages more than ever before.

All suspected cases of thyroid cancer should be examined by ultrasound, sometimes followed by a biopsy, all under the supervision of an expert surgeon.

Speaking exclusively to Express, Jean-Pierre Guignon, consultant otolaryngologist at London Bridge Hospital (part of HCA UK) and Guy’s & St Thomas’s NHS Hospital, warned: “Thyroid cancer patients usually have normal blood tests for normal blood function. thyroid gland. Thus, people should be aware of the physical manifestations of the tumor.”

The surgeon revealed that “thyroid cancer usually appears as a lump or lump in the front of the neck, next to the “Adam’s apple”. The slow-growing, “hard and firm” tumor usually moves up and down when swallowing, and movement tends to be painless.

Another indication of thyroid cancer is ‘swollen glands (or lymph nodes) in the neck’.

“If the swelling goes away within two weeks, it is usually a sign that your body is fighting the infection and is not a cause for concern,” Guennon explained. “However, if the swelling continues to grow larger, feels hard to the touch, and does not go away after two weeks, you should see your GP.” “.

Other indicators of thyroid cancer can include “difficulty swallowing.”

The expert surgeon stated that tonsillitis and/or respiratory infections were “often responsible” for the difficulty swallowing.

However, “if it continues for more than three weeks and gets worse over time,” it is advised to see a doctor to have it checked. It “could be a sign of thyroid cancer,” he warned.

Unexplained hoarseness may also be a sign of tumor growth, but it may also be a sign of a bacterial infection.

Here are five main signs of thyroid cancer:

1. A lump or bump in the front of the neck.

2. Swollen glands in the neck.

3. Difficulty swallowing.

4. Unexplained hoarseness.

5. Difficulty or noisy breathing.


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