Fitbit Makes Quality Updates to OS 5.2


Fitbit today announced a qualitative update to its operating system OS.2 Which supports my Fitbit? Sense And Versa3 By introducing new languages, including Arabic, users are now able to receive notifications and text messages in Arabic directly without going back to the phone to know the content of these notifications or messages.

The new update also extended to the feature of tracking the percentage of blood saturation with oxygen (SPO2Users can now know the quality of breathing during the night and the past week directly through the device itself without the need to return to the application to view this vital data. Other notable updates to the system are:، It was for hours Versa3Users can now customize notifications for their heart rate and receive alerts directly if their heart rate exceeds or falls below the specified normal range. This will enable them to know the health of their hearts، This feature was previously the preserve of Fitbit users Sense Only.

In addition to these features, the new update also allows users to choose the watch face from the watch itself with festive alerts and attractive color notifications when daily fitness goals are achieved in order to motivate users to be more energetic and active.


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