“Fishermen in Umm Al Quwain”: fish mother incubators will contribute to increasing the fish stock – UAE – news and reports


The Fish Mothers Incubators Project in the Umm Al Quwain Creek is one of the projects that will contribute to enhancing the fish stock inside the creek and achieving self-sufficiency in high-quality fish with excellent specifications that are required in the markets.

Jassim Humaid Al Shar, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Umm Al Quwain Cooperative Society for Fishermen, confirmed the success of the second phase of the fish mother incubators project, after it achieved a positive success that will contribute to increasing the fish stock in the emirate, pointing out that the larvae and fingerlings that were produced in the incubators were inspected.

He added that the incubators contain several types of fish, such as Sheari, Safi, Fuskar, Yam, Qabit, Shaam and Farsh, and 100% results have been achieved, which will help increase the fish stock in the Emirate.

He said that for the mothers of the fish in the cages, we will keep them in cages in order to conduct experiments on them to see their endurance strength next year and whether they will be able to produce larvae and to follow up their status during the summer and their ability to resist incubators and heat tolerance and their ability to continue to give strong productivity during the coming years And preserving them, noting that during the next year, mothers of fish will be introduced from outside the cages, provided that they are fully nourished from the outside and are ready for pollination and reproduction.

The chairman of the board of directors of the association said that about 200 fish have been placed that can produce 50 or 60 fish, males and females, and one fish produces about 400,000 larvae, and the larvae turn into fingerlings, and the production process will be in millions of fish.

He explained that the feeding rate is high and the growth rate is faster for all fish due to the high percentage of oxygen due to the presence of mangroves, herbs, marine plants and algae groups. It is a natural habitat and nursery for some organisms and plays a role in biodiversity, and is a source of food for many marine life.

He pointed out that the coastal environment rich in mangroves is one of the most suitable areas for the breeding and incubation of fish, shrimp and other crustaceans, and that the “respiratory” aerial roots of mangroves play a role in providing food for small fish larvae, through the decomposition of their fallen leaves, which are food for some existing microorganisms. In the sea, which are fed by other marine organisms.

He added that the project of fish mothers incubators in Umm Al Quwain Khor comes in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development, which manages the fishing regulation committee in the emirate, and the municipality department in Umm Al Quwain, the body responsible for enacting laws and monitoring in the emirate.



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