Finding two drugs that help treat the Corona virus


Tokyo (echo):

A team of researchers at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Japan, the British University of Oxford, and the American Indiana University, launched a collaborative project, with the aim of finding a treatment for the Corona virus, Covid 19.

The researchers found two drugs that provide inhibitory efficacy for the emerging corona virus, which are “cepharathin”, which is used to treat inflammation, and “nelfinavir”, which is approved for the treatment of HIV infection “AIDS”. Sifaranthin prevents the virus from entering cells by preventing the virus from binding to a protein on the cell membrane, which it uses as a gateway.

“Nelfinavir” prevented the virus from reproducing inside the cell by inhibiting the protein that the virus depends on for reproduction, and using them together can be especially effective for patients, with computational models predicting that the combined treatment with “Cefaranthin – nelfinavir” can speed up the removal of the virus. From the patient’s lungs in less than 4 to 9 days.

This dual treatment is not yet ready for circulation in health care systems, but the results that have been reached justify the need for further research on the clinical potential of treatment with “cefaranthin – nelfinavir”, according to the “Arabia Net” website.


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