Filming Saudi and Hollywood works in Al-Ula – Saudi News


The administration of “Al-Ula Film” continued to attract more Saudi and international films to shoot in Al-Ula Governorate, by providing all logistical facilities in support of film production, after filming parts of the American movie “Cherry” by the Russo brothers (directors of the famous movie Avengers: Endgame) in Al-Ula and the capital. Riyadh, in what is considered the first experience of shooting a Hollywood movie in the Kingdom. The administration of “Al-Ula Film” revealed that it had signed an agreement to shoot a second American movie in the province, directed and starring a group of “Hollywood” stars, in addition to its agreement to shoot two other Saudi films, “Between the Sands” by Muhammad Al-Atawi, and “Noura” by Tawfiq Al-Zaydi. They are two of the Saudi films that won the “Light for Film Support” competition, and the Film Authority of the Ministry of Culture is fully funding them.In attracting filmmakers around the world, the administration relies on the governorate’s attractions that make it on the map of the best filming locations in the world, in order to establish Al-Ula as an international filming destination, and to establish an appropriate infrastructure for the film industry in northwestern Saudi Arabia. “Al-Ula Film” offers a package of services that bet on attracting many filmmakers around the world, such as establishing a team of film experts in Al-Ula to help facilitate production for international films, and building a suitable ecosystem for the film industry in Al-Ula, in addition to other attractive incentives, such as Issuing visas for film crews, securing ground and air transportation and accommodation services between Riyadh and Al-Ula, granting the necessary permits, facilitating the import of all equipment required for filming, providing information and auxiliary relations to film production teams, and other supportive services.


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