Fifi Abdo raises controversy as she dances on the beach: “Five Muwaah” (video)


Actress Fifi Abdo, through her official account on “Instagram”, published an old video of her dancing on the beach, which caused a sensation on social media and exposed her to attack and harsh criticism from followers.Followers commented on the video because of her continuing to publish dance clips, especially as she is going through a health problem that she has not recovered from yet.

The video clips showed Fifi Abdo, wearing a black dress, dancing on the seashore, accompanied by her usual comment, “Five Mowaah.”The artist, Fifi Abdo, had recently been exposed to a health problem, as a result of which she underwent surgery, as a result of receiving a wrong injection, due to which she remained in bed for nearly six months and her condition did not improve until after an operation last Ramadan, and throughout the illness she was publishing videos from On the bed, she asked her audience to pray for recovery, and she had published a video clip announcing her near recovery from her malaise, and then began publishing old clips of her showing her dancing.


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