Features of the new version of the Mac system and when the update will be available


Apple officially announced the new version of the Mac operating system macOS Monterey During the keynote speech at its developer conference WWDC21Which is the version that provides Mac users with many new features and improvements, most notably major changes to the FaceTime application, in addition to the ability to share content, whether video or music through the SharePlay feature, as well as the Universal Control feature to use the same keyboard and mouse across iPad and Mac in same time and transfer files between them seamlessly.

What are the best features of the new macOS Monterey?

These are the most prominent features of the new version of macOS Monterey:

– New Safari browser design and new features

Apple has redesigned the Safari browser in the new version of macOS Monterey, in addition to both iOS 15 AndiPad 15, so that I changed the design of the tab bar to occupy less space on the page and take the color of the site the user is browsing, and the browser also provides the ability to collect the tabs or open pages in a group similar to the Tab Groups feature, which is one Chrome Features Recently provided by Google, in addition to the ability to search the web by voice directly through Safari, which are synchronized groups across iPad, iPhone and Mac devices.

Shortcuts app for Mac

The new version of macOS Monterey also brings the Shortcuts app

The new version of macOS Monterey also brings the Shortcuts application, which it provided for iPhone phones years ago, which allows the user to automate tasks to complete tasks faster, so that, for example, they can create animated GIFs automatically or customize shortcuts according to what suits them, with the integration of shortcuts in various System features, including the menu bar, Finder, Spotlight, and even Siri.

– New feature to focus better in performing tasks

The new version of macOS Monterey allows users to experience a better focus while performing tasks through the Focus feature, which provides filtering for notifications according to context, so that the user can activate focus mode for work, sleep or others, and then the system determines only appropriate alerts to avoid distraction, with Display the focus status of others when receiving messages from others, a feature that will also be available in conjunction with iPhones and iPads.

New Features of Notes App

These features include a faster way to take notes while using any site or application, in addition to making it easier to organize notes and mention other people from contacts in notes, as well as the ability to add links and addresses from the Maps application or highlight paragraphs from web pages on Safari Notes.

– A whole new experience through the FaceTime app

Features of FaceTime in macOS Monterey

Where Apple has added many new features to the FaceTime application that make it a competitor to video meeting applications such as Zoom, most notably the ability to schedule video calls and get a special link to share with others to join the call directly, even for Windows and Android users without the need to install any applications, in addition to supporting the spatial audio feature and isolating Background audio and portrait mode to blur the background and give a professional look during video calls.

Share music, video and screen via SharePlay

The new SharePlay feature in the new version of macOS Monterey allows FaceTime users to share songs and music clips from Apple Music through FaceTime, so that friends can listen or watch content together, a feature that Apple provides developers to integrate into their applications, so that formats can be shared. Various of content with friends easily.

– ميزة Shared with You

Shared with You on Mac Monterey makes it easy to access great content that others have shared with the user via Messages, including photos, videos, articles, and a link, on a new Shared with You tab within Photos, Safari, Apple Podcasts, Apple News, and Apple TV.

Universal Control

Universal Control allows users to work with a single mouse, mouse and keyboard on three Macs and iPads, with the ability to seamlessly drag and drop content between the three devices, without the need for any settings, so users can draw with the Apple Pencil on iPad and place it in A Keynote slide on a Mac.

Stream content from iPhone and iPad

iPhone and iPad users can easily share and stream content across Mac devices, through the AirPlay to Mac feature, which allows content to be displayed on the Mac screen to take advantage of the larger screen size and better speakers, such as the iMac 2021 For example.

Copy texts from photos with Live Text

The Live Text feature, which relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, is used to detect text within images, including handwritten ones, while distinguishing and recognizing phone numbers, websites, addresses and tracking numbers, so that users can copy and paste, make a phone call, open a website, and easily find More information.

Visual Look Up

A feature that allows the user to obtain more information about images and identify the objects within them, as the Visual Look feature recognizes objects and scenes within images and provides information about them similar to the Google Lens feature in the Google Voice Assistant, so that users can with one click learn more about books or Famous landmarks or a painting for example, and the feature works on images available on the device or across the web.

– More privacy features

New privacy features in the new version of macOS Monterey, such as email privacy protection by preventing emails from being tracked, allow a recording indicator to be displayed when an app uses the microphone on a Mac.

System-wide translation

A feature that allows system-wide text translation from anywhere, including many external applications, the user only has to highlight the text, right-click and select “Translate” to instantly see the translation, with the ability to directly replace the written text with the translation with one click.

Low Power Mode

A mode that extends the battery life of your MacBook, by intelligently managing power-hungry apps to get the most out of your battery.

When is macOS Monterey available for update?

While the beta version of macOS Monterey will be available for Mac users during July 2021, the major version will be available as a free update for Mac users this fall (between September and December 2021).


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