Features of the new iOS 15 system for iPhone phones… Has Apple decided to compete with Zoom?


An episode of the Tech 7 program presented by Tamer Imam and broadcast on Youm7 TV, reviewed the features of the new iOS 15 operating system that Apple recently revealed during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

system comes iOS 15 It has four main features, namely::

First: Improving communication with others, and here we are talking about the development of the FaceTime application, where the quality of sound insulation has been improved in order to avoid inconvenience, as well as reliance on artificial intelligence to isolate noise, along with other additions related to the appearance of participants in the conference call, and also the appearance of your image well with feature blur Which enables you to blur the background.

Apple also decided to allow participation in FaceTime calls to all users, even those who use the Android or Windows system.

Second: Improving notifications, as the notification summary feature has been made available, which helps you to get a summary of notifications at a specific time instead of hundreds of alerts that you receive consecutively, also a feature has been added focus Which allows only certain alerts to reach you when you are working, for example.

Third: feature live text Which allows your mobile to understand the texts written inside the images, and allows you to copy these texts and use them in many tasks.

Fourth: Ease of dealing with images, through 3 advantages, the first is visual look up Which makes you know anything about a foreign object in front of you as soon as you put the mobile camera towards it, the second feature is spotlight Which makes artificial intelligence play a big role in the process of searching for images through some improvements and modifications in order to reach the exact images you want, and the third feature is to restore memories without the trouble of a lengthy search.

System ios 15 It will reach many iPhone models, where the trial version will be available in July, but the official version will be approximately in the last quarter of 2021..


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