Features of the new Fortnite 17 update, Fortnite 2021, and its release date


The famous Fortnite game is preparing to end the first section of the current season of the Battle Royale tournament in the coming hours, as it is preparing to launch a huge update for the first time since its inception. Increase the power of the game’s graphics on devices with maximum specifications to run the game, and in this article we expand more on the expected update from Fortnite, continue to learn.

fortnite 17 update for pc and mobile

Fortnite published a statement regarding the players of the Fortnite version on the computer, saying that owners of devices with strong specifications and required to run the game with maximum quality will notice a smooth change while opening the game, playing and moving between menus and interfaces, as the developer had intensified its efforts to launch the largest update through which it aims Because the game’s graphics will be more accurate and smooth while playing, while the update size will be larger than usual, as the game stated on its official account on Twitter.

Features of the new Fortnite 17 update, Fortnite 2021, and its release date
Features of the new Fortnite 17 update, Fortnite 2021, and its release date

fortnite 17 new update release date

The game said in a multi-line tweet that the big update is coming on the 9-8 of this month and brings with it significant changes that are important to the game audience, as the game stated that the update will be of a larger size than usual in general on all playing platforms, and this is an indication of what the update carries from Significant changes to its contents.

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Features of the new fortnite 17 update

  • The second part of the seventh season.
  • Renew the modified effects of storm and clouds.
  • The best simulation of smoke and liquids.
  • Great looking effects of explosion, fire and drink.
  • Improvements in flare and lens flicker, as well as shadow quality.
  • The primal season will be extinct, and with it the primal weapons.
  • There are some secrets yet to be discovered in the depths of the island. But there are some of these secrets that… it is better not to reveal them at all.
  • New packs and cards with a new design.


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