FDA approves new anti-obesity drug that reduces weight by 15%


The US Food and Drug Administration approved FDA, on a new drug to combat obesityIt works to reduce weight by 15%, in a new step to confront this dangerous disease that kills many around the world and results in serious health complications related to heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and other chronic diseases, according to the Medical Express website.


The American Medicines Agency confirmed that the new drug consists of a compound version of the intestinal hormone that curbs appetite, and patients inject it weekly under the skin, like other weight-loss drugs, but studies have recommended the need to exercise and follow a healthy diet next to eating it so that you can lose weight safely.

The experts pointed out that the new obesity drug is a modern version with a higher dose of one of the drugs for type 2 diabetes, which works to control weight in the long term, after studies conducted on this drug through the use of a number of participants who took it and succeeded in losing weight. 15% of the weight, over 14 months, compared to the control participants who got other drugs that only lost 2.5% of their weight.

Dr. Harold Bayes, medical director of the Louisville Center for Metabolism and Atherosclerosis Research, said current anti-obesity drugs have only been able to achieve 5% to 10% weight loss, compared to the effectiveness of the new obesity drug.

And data from the US Food and Drug Administration indicated that there are more than 100 million adults, or about 1 in 3 people, who are obese in the United States.

Studies have indicated that shedding 5% of weight can bring health benefits such as improved energy, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Experts mentioned the potential side effects of the new obesity drug, which are digestive problems, including nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

The experts also explained that the drug carries a potential risk of developing a type of thyroid tumor, so it should not be taken by people with a personal or family history of certain thyroid and endocrine tumors.


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