Fatima Koshary reveals the health status of Ahmed Makki… and this is what happened


Follow up: Rahaf Ammar

The artist Fatima Koshary thanked the artist Ahmed Makki, who was keen to stand by her during her recent health crisis, and the artist Fatima Koshary said: “The artist Ahmed Mekky was the first person to ask Alia. His manager, Jatli, reassured me and told me that he greeted me a lot.”

And the artist, Fatima Koshary, added, “Not only that, this is what I called him on the phone, and he called me. He told me that you have the right to me, but to perform an operation on my first molar when I hide your commotion all the time.”

And the artist, Fatima Koshary, confirmed that the artist, Ahmed Makki, assigned his manager to take charge of achieving everything she needed. “His manager came to me for money, and she brought me dinner and did x-rays and analyzes for me,” following up, “I am very happy that people are standing next to me and my thoughts and taking care of me.” .

It is reported that the artist Fatima Koshary, had participated with the artist Ahmed Makki in the movie No Retreat nor Surrender alongside Donia Samir Ghanem, Ezzat Abu Auf, Majid Al-Kadwany and a number of artists, and the story of the artist Fatima Koshary began when she underwent surgery and after she was discharged from the hospital, she suffered severe pain in her stomach. You don’t know why.

Then she discovered that the doctor who undertook the surgery forgot the gauze in her stomach, which led to the deterioration of her health and the occurrence of bleeding, and as a result, she was transferred again to the hospital to undergo the appropriate treatment to get rid of the complications that occurred with her.

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