Father’s Day celebrations begin.. Lebanese Nour reveals special photos with her father and Wissam Brady receives a special greeting from his wife


Father’s Day celebrations began among Arab celebrities in the past hours, as a number of them began celebrating this happy occasion by publishing their photos with their fathers and greeting them, as well as sending congratulatory messages to all fathers, while the memory is sad for some as they remembered their late fathers on this day.

Lebanese Nour

The Lebanese artist Nour recalled her most beautiful moments that her father accompanied her with in one of her life stations, where she published pictures from her wedding with her father and sent a big thank you message to him on the occasion of Father’s Day and wrote to him: “A father’s love is an inseparable bond. Since the day of our birth, we are linked to each other and spend our lives in supporting and protecting each other. One day is not enough to honor the father, how special you really are, Papa.”

Reem Al Saidi

The Tunisian presenter and model, Reem Al-Saidi, started her celebrations of Father’s Day, where she published a set of photos that monitored various moments of her with her husband and her two daughters, and sent a message to her husband saying: “Every Father’s Day, you are the sweetest, best, and most affectionate father in the universe. Without you, I would not have had this power, nor would I have shouldered this responsibility, as I did not bear it today. You are the source of our strength and our hope.

Rabaa Al-Zayyat

The media, Rabaa Al-Zayyat, celebrated the occasion of Father’s Day differently from previous years, after her husband and the father of her two children defeated the Corona virus, after entering intensive care in the recent period. O soul of the house, with your return, the spirit brought us back, stay well and stay at home, because you are the point of the poem and the poem of the house.

Ragheb Alama’s son

Khaled Alama, son of the artist Ragheb Alama, celebrated Father’s Day in his own way, as he published a set of photos of him with his father that monitor different age stages for them and reflect the mutual tenderness between them over the years, and returned to his father wishing him happiness and lasting love that overwhelms their family.

Angie Kiwan

Egyptian media, Angie Kiwan, celebrated Father’s Day with her husband and two children, where she published a family photo of them, extending congratulations to all fathers.

Mustafa Agha

The journalist, Mustafa Al-Agha, revived Father’s Day in a sad way, as he published a picture of his late father and remembered him on this day, commenting: “May God have mercy on you, my father, and every day I remember you and pray for you. InternationalFather_Day.”

Youssef Al Khal

The Lebanese artist Youssef Al-Khal celebrated Father’s Day in a special way, as he recounted the details of what happened to him on this day and wrote: “I asked my daughter, Kadish, do you love me? She answered me by drawing four hearts… Why four? God alone is the All-Knowing” and attached the post with a picture of him showing the drawings on his hand.


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