#Fashion_Police: Yasmine Sabry’s “casual” bracelets cost one million pounds | news


Wearing a lot of bracelets in one hand indicates self-confidence and boldness in choosing fashion, and this is what actress Yasmine Sabry always does, there are a number of bracelets that she always prefers for daily wear.

Yasmine Sabry appeared in most of her photos that she publishes daily, away from her appearances in festivals, celebrations and events. She wears a number of bracelets manufactured for normal daily use and is not luxurious enough to attend major events. Get to know them and their prices:


Love Bracelet من Cartier

Yasmine appeared wearing a yellow gold Love bracelet, valued at 10 thousand and 500 dollars. Watch it from their official sale site.

A truly timeless piece found on the wrists of fashion icons around the world, this bracelet is also a well-known symbol of love and commitment, however, behind the design of the classic Cartier Love bracelet is actually a heartbreaking story in the 1960s.

The story of the Cartier Love bracelet begins in 1959, when a young Aldo Cipollo immigrated from Rome to New York, and had little luck in love. To eternal love, through a gem that can not only be removed, but also screw heads on the bracelet to make it difficult to take off.

سوار Just a Nail من Cartier

This bracelet has a screw-like design and is priced at $7,100. Watch it from its official sale site.

Cartier Tennis jewelry bracelet


Its price is 35 thousand and 500 dollars. See it on their website.

It is made up of 43 diamonds, approximately 7 inches in size; Approx. 4.2 x 3.4 mm in size; It weighs 20.98 grams.

Before these bracelets were called Tennis, they were called eternal bracelets. Designed to express eternal love, these bracelets were the kind that a partner would buy their girlfriend to say, “I want to be with you for a long period of time.”

In the late ’70s, their name changed to tennis bracelets. As an invitation to pair our sweats from our favorite sport with diamonds, the phrase tennis bracelet didn’t really enter our collective lexicon until 1978.


What happened in 1978 to change the name? The secret behind it is Chris Evert, the tennis player, who started wearing a diamond bracelet during her matches. And not just any diamond bracelet, it was a delicate diamond bracelet, not fitting enough to move flexibly with.

The simple and elegant piece made a stunning addition to Everett’s already elegant sportswear. But it wasn’t until she fell in the middle of her match during the US Open that people really started noticing the nitty-gritty, but powerful statement.

It was very difficult to ignore the accessory, a piece of jewelry that managed to pause the entire US Open. How can you not pay attention to it?

Ride My Possession Piaget


It costs 6000 dollars. Watch it from their website

You are mine, I am yours.

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