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The former Egyptian Minister of Culture, the artist Farouk Hosni, said that the paintings that were found in the Zamalek apartment, known in the media as “The Treasure of the Zamalek Apartment” and “Ali Baba’s Cave”, are paintings that represent financial value and are not archaeological or historical, and they need appraisal experts to estimate their value. physical.

Hosni told Al-Masry Al-Youm: “The paintings announced in the pictures of the Zamalek apartment are beautiful, but they have no origin. For example, there is a golden vase, the real value of which is in its material price, and this confirms that these collectibles were obtained in some way as long as they are hidden.” : “If the owner of the apartment has beautiful things that he displays… why does he hide them, unless there is something he does not know, and the value of these holdings is in her money.”

Commenting on the fact that the price of the paintings and collectibles he obtained in the Zamalek apartment reached one billion pounds or millions of pounds, Hosni said: “This talk is not accurate because it needs a specialized expert, but for me, I do not like it … and I am an amateur collecting collectibles.” I did not miss these paintings… But I know that there are – new rich people – who like to own these collectibles.”

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