Fares Karam expresses his anger at some artists for this reason


Via the Lebanese artistFares KaramOn his personal page on the social networking site, he expressed his anger at the actions of some artists through the communication sites, and said: “The movements of some artists on the social media make me feel ashamed, but someone reproaches me with an artist, you disgust us.”
On the other hand, Fares Karam recently released a hymn that he dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the Marian month, and his mother participated in a video clip of the hymn as she prayed to the Virgin Mary.
And Karam wrote through his personal account on the social networking site, saying: “Al-Adra Maryam, my mother … What a beautiful name that was pronounced by Tammy… I would like to present this work from my heart to my heavenly mother, Maryam Al-Adra, and for the first time with Umm Faris, my mother and my beloved.”


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