Fans throw Coca-Cola bottles at Ronaldo during the Portugal-France match


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London – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: French fans surprised Cristiano Ronaldo during the Portugal-France match (2-2) in the last round of the group stage of the European Nations Cup finals, after they threw bottles of “Coca-Cola” soft drink at him during his celebration of registration The “roosters” goal.
And the pioneers of social networking sites transmitted pictures showing a group of French fans “throwing” Ronaldo with bottles of “Coca-Cola”, while celebrating his goal against France, in response to the famous “Don” movement when he removed bottles of this soft drink in a press conference. .
Pictures from the Puskas Arena stadium in Hungary, via Twitter, showed Ronaldo being mocked and throwing Coca-Cola bottles, in response to his famous move in which the scene took place completely during the past days of the tournament when he removed two bottles of soft drink in front of him and replaced them with a water bottle. .
Ronaldo, who scored two goals in Portugal’s 2-2 draw with France and thus qualified for the next round, did not pay any attention to the behavior of the French fans and continued his celebration.
Ronaldo sparked widespread controversy recently, after he removed bottles of Coca-Cola soda during the press conference that preceded the Portugal-Hungary match in the current European Nations Cup, and raised a bottle of water, saying: “Drink water.” After that, the global soft drinks company’s market value decreased by 4 billion dollars, according to what was published by the Spanish newspaper “Marca”, last week.


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