“Falcon’s Claws 4” .. The launch of a military maneuver between Saudi Arabia and America


The joint exercise “Falcon Paws 4” was launched between the Saudi ground forces and their US counterparts in the northwestern region of the Kingdom.

The joint exercise aims to strengthen the mutual military relations between the two countries, and to unify military concepts through joint action between the forces of both sides.

The training is an extension of the joint exercises between Saudi Arabia and the United States, with the aim of enhancing the compatibility of work and joint military cooperation between them.

The Saudi and US ground forces also seek to exchange military information and expertise, and improve compatibility between military equipment and doctrines; To raise the level of readiness and ability to work with friendly forces, and to prepare to face any external threats.

US forces prepare for joint exercise (Falcon Paws 4)

The previous version of the joint exercise (Hawk Claw 3) was conducted last March, and the previous version (Hawk Claw 2) was conducted in December 2020.

In July 2019, units of the Royal Saudi Land Forces and their American counterparts participated in the “Excited Leader 2019” exercise.


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