Fakhriya Khamis grabs hearts with an impressive appearance in which she revealed the developments of her health condition


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The actress was kidnapped Honorary Khamis Hearts with an impressive appearance after her absence for a long time affected by the journey of her treatment from cancer, and the Omani artist revealed in Video clip Details of her health condition and her latest developments.

The able artist said Honorary KhamisIn the video clip, which she shared with her followers through her personal account on the Instagram application: “Thank you for your communication and your question, and everyone wants details. I am still receiving treatment in the hospital and now I am in the immunotherapy stage and I take the needle every 3 weeks at the Royal Hospital, and God willing, we will be free from chemotherapy and radiation.” The disease is fading away.”

Fakhriya Khamis’ health condition

And after the actress revealed Honorary Khamis About her health condition and tried to reassure her fans, the able artist announced the latest developments, stressing that she is in the stage of immunotherapy during this period.

And she directed her speech to her followers, saying: “Now I am in the stage of immunotherapy, and God willing, the one who is coming is good. Thank you, may God reward you with goodness and your prayers. God heals every patient and keeps diseases and evil away from you, Lord.”

Fakhriya Khamis illness

Fakhria Khamis started her journey with Cancer She received the first dose of chemotherapy last year, and the Omani actress went through many difficult health stations during the last period. Corona virus Amidst a state of anxiety from her fans, the famous artist sent her message on the short story feature on Instagram, and thanked everyone who followed her, stressing that their words caused strong psychological support for her.

Fakhriya Khamis said: “All loved ones and fans, and all those who contacted me via messages and WhatsApp and who posted on their accounts on social media, forgive me. I could not respond to everyone, but in my heart a prayer for all of you.. May God reward you.. I started with the first chemical dose in the hospital.” Al-Sultani with Dr. Souad, Dr. Bassem Al-Bahrani, Dr. Taha Abdwani, and Dr. Muhammad. I will not forget the pause of the entire medical team and the nurses also with me, raising morale to enhance treatment and will.”

Fakhriya Khamis grabs hearts with an impressive appearance in which she revealed the developments of her health condition

As soon as the video clip was published, Fakhria Khamis received a lot of comments that expressed her followers’ love for her and their prayers for a speedy recovery, among them a number of celebrities, headed by Haifa Hussein, who commented with the words: “I only need wellness, Umm Abdullah. And better, God willing.”

Fakhriya Khamis grabs hearts with an impressive appearance in which she revealed the developments of her health condition

And the comments of the followers stated: “A thousand peace be upon you, God willing, our sister and our honorary colleague, may God protect us from all evil and make us in a good condition and prolong our life.” I am proud of you and you are my role model in life.”

The followers of Fakhriya Khamees were keen to provide words of support for her and express their love and support for her in her journey with cancer, and one of the followers wrote: “Oh, my life, may God heal you, reward and well-being, and you are a strong person and a believer in God. Alij”.


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