Facebook plans to launch the first smartwatch with two cameras next summer


A new report has revealed that Facebook is developing its own smartwatch, while a senior executive has suggested that ideas alone may not actually lead to product development.Andrew Bosworth, Facebook’s vice president of augmented and virtual reality, wrote on Twitter that the company is already exploring a “wrist-based form factor” to go along with the company’s augmented reality glasses.

“We are investing in technologies across the board that will make this interaction feel more natural and intuitive,” Bosworth added in a tweet. This includes research such as EMG sensors, tactile sensors, and adaptive interfaces that can come together into a wrist-based form factor.

“We’ll share more information when we’re ready. And just like with our glasses work, we’ll be consulting third-party experts to help us get them right.”

Bosworth’s tweets came in response to a report by “The Verge” that the company is working on its smart watch and will launch it next summer to compete with Apple’s Apple Watch.

The smartwatch contains, according to the report, two cameras that can be separated to take pictures and videos, similar to GoPro cameras.

The Verge, citing two people familiar with the project, added that Facebook is also working with third-party accessory makers to develop its next watch.

The front camera will be for video calls, while the rear camera will be for taking photos and videos, when separated from the stainless steel frame on the wrist.

A Facebook spokesperson told Britain’s Daily Mail that the company had nothing to add other than Bosworth’s tweets.

According to the report, “The Verge”, the watch will be integrated with “Facebook” applications, especially “Instagram”, to share multimedia across the social network.

The watch may also support LTE connectivity, which means it won’t need to be paired with a phone for work, and it can come in a variety of different colors, including white, black and gold.

The Verge report added that the price of the smartwatch has not yet been determined, but the first version of the watch could sell for around $400.

And later versions can work alongside the company’s augmented reality glasses mentioned above.

The report notes that the watch is part of CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s idea to create more consumer devices in an effort to compete with Apple and Google, which control the dominant mobile operating systems iOS and Android.

The idea is to encourage watch owners to use it in ways similar to how smartphones are now used.


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