Facebook plans to announce a smart watch equipped with cameras to be launched next year


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Posted on: Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 11:49 AM | Last update: Thursday, June 10, 2021 – 11:49 AM

The Facebook platform, the giant of social networking platforms, plans to witness the announcement of the 2022 smartwatch with cameras, and it will have a screen with two cameras that can be separated from the wrist to take pictures and videos.

The equipped camera is located on the front of the watch screen primarily for video calls, while the 1080p autofocus camera can be used on the back to take snapshots when separated from the stainless steel frame on the wrist.

And the technical website “The Verge” indicated that the smart watch developed by Facebook could be linked in the future to the augmented reality glasses that the social media giant is working on.

The site indicated that the watch will be equipped with cameras that integrate with Facebook applications such as the photo-based Instagram network.

Facebook announced its intention to launch glasses connected to smartphones this year as part of an alliance with the optics giant Essilor Luxotica.


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