Extensive mockery of Ronaldo after his “embarrassing” shot in the match against Israel (video)


Extensive mockery of Ronaldo after his shot

Social networking sites were abuzz with videos of the Portuguese star, Cristiano Ronaldo, executing a mistake very badly, during a friendly match between his country and the Israeli national team, yesterday, Wednesday.

Portugal got a free kick in the 40th minute, Ronaldo kicked it, but he shot it in the manner of rugby players, so the ball goes very far from the goal frame and settles in the stadium stands.

Ronaldo was subjected to widespread ridicule on social networking sites, after his embarrassing kick, as a group of pioneers published a video of the “Don” taking the free kick recklessly.

Ronaldo contributed to Portugal’s 4-0 victory over Israel by scoring the second goal.

Thanks to this goal, Ronaldo is only 6 goals away from breaking the record of Iranian Ali Daei, the best scorer in the history of the football witch at the international level, with 109 goals.

Source: RT


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