Exhibition and future! – Saudi News


With the increase in signs of reassurance, which comes with the continuous increase in the rates of receiving vaccine doses to return to normal life in its various forms, the desire to participate in various major events, which confirms and indicates this, increases. Perhaps one of the most important of these upcoming events is the Riyadh International Book Fair, which the Saudi Ministry of Culture announced its launch next fall, specifically in October. The expected Riyadh exhibition comes after the pulse began to return again in the body of the movement of book fairs recently, after the Abu Dhabi exhibition was held and then the Cairo exhibition was announced next month, after the enforced absence due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and its devastating effects. What raises the level of expectations as well as the ceiling of ambitions is the fact that the organizer of the exhibition and the one in charge of it is the Ministry of Culture and its minister, the distinguished young Prince Badr bin Farhan, who was known for his elaborate and distinguished performance in all the projects and initiatives launched by the ministry. This is the first exhibition after the transfer of the full responsibility of the book fairs to the Ministry of Culture after it was sharing its responsibility with the Ministry of Information, and the book fair is required to be an interface that reflects the new cultural orientation in the new Saudi Arabia. An interface that presents and supports materials that encourage the approach of respect for science, coexistence, tolerance and rejection of racism, discrimination and bullying in an effective, effective and attractive manner that suits all ages of both sexes. Since Saudi Arabia is busy creating the future for its future generations, all hope is that the slogan of the upcoming exhibition will be the culture of the future and to invite senior specialists in future sciences, such as Japanese-American Micho Kaku, Ray Kurzweil, Malcolm Gladwell and David Wood, to name a few, of course. Saudi Arabia has taken a distinguished approach in attracting top names in economic, sports and entertainment events, and all hope that the next book fair will receive the same share in this important direction. For so many decades, we immersed ourselves in focusing exclusively on the past and sanctifying it until we lost the compass of the present, and thus we are catching up with the future. The upcoming book fair in Riyadh could be a real and very serious opportunity for cultural reconciliation with the future. Welcome to the book fair. waiting for so long!


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