Everyone is responsible for the drug file, and no one is innocent, from the Bank of Lebanon to pharmacies


The Minister of Health in the caretaker government, Hamad Hassan, indicated that our ambition and greed for the success of the marathon in all health sectors, and we saved 46,000 lives, and every week we have a surprise. He stated that 93 percent of the vaccinated people today were Lebanese, 3 percent Palestinians, 2 percent Syrians, and 2 percent of different nationalities. He stressed that a new marathon will be announced, and every weekend, one Saturday there will be a marathon.

Hassan pointed out in a television interview, that everyone is responsible in the drug file, and no one is innocent from the Banque du Liban and even pharmacies, and we asked the Banque du Liban to obtain a record of subsidized medicines and we did not get anything. He stressed that the outrageous commission of unjustified pricing is a lack of conscience, and that people in Lebanon are dependent on mafias that do not have any deterrent. He stressed that the patrols are continuing and keeping up with the media is necessary to expose the monopolists.

He pointed out that all medical supplies are available in large quantities, and some advised importers to stockpile in case the subsidy is lifted. He stated that the citizen is dependent on mafias that do not care about his health, and stressed that he will lay the foundations for pricing medical supplies. He pointed out that the Governor of the Banque du Liban tells us that he is committed to us with an amount of 100 million dollars, but he did not talk about rationalizing the subsidy, and unfortunately he was not frank with us and did not provide us with a strategy and the conflicting circulars destabilized the sector.

Ban considered the step taken by Social Security to be a responsible step and called for doubling the budget of the Ministry of Health.


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