European Cup: Bale is not thinking of retiring


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London (AFP)

Wales national football team striker Gareth Bale has confirmed that he is not considering international or absolute retirement.

The Wales captain, whose national team was eliminated from the European Cup final price with a 0-4 loss against Denmark on Saturday, withdrew from a press interview after the match when asked if the last meeting for him was a defender of his country’s colors.

This behavior aroused curiosity, especially since Bale had stated at the end of last season, who played for Tottenham on loan from Real Madrid, that he knows what the future holds for him, but he indicated that he would “create chaos” if he disclosed this before the start of the continental championship. .

However, Bale told Welsh network “S4C” shortly after withdrawing from the interview: “I want to keep playing. People always ask silly questions but I love playing for Wales.”

“I will continue to play for Wales until I stop playing football,” he added.

“We started from the qualifying period for the World Cup, and we have to play with high confidence as we are doing now, and I believe we can qualify for the next World Cup.”

The Wales group includes Belgium, Czech Republic, Belarus and Estonia, and the competition for the second card appears to be limited to Czech Republic and Wales, as Belgium is an extraordinary candidate to take the lead.


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