Euro 2020: Kroos reveals his dialogue with Ronaldo after Germany’s victory over Portugal


Toni Kroos – Cristiano Ronaldo – Germany national team – Portugal national team – Euro 2020

Sport 360 German star Toni Kroos revealed Real Madrid On his dialogue with his former colleague Cristiano Ronaldo, the Juventus star, after the end of the German national team match against Portugal in the European Nations Championship – Euro 2020.

Germany won a landslide victory over Portugal by four goals to two in the second round of the group stage of Euro 2020, despite that, Ronaldo made an excellent match by scoring the first goal and making the second goal for his colleague Diogo Jota.

Kroos explained that he spoke with Ronaldo about the match and his conditions in the Italian League, because he had not met him since he left Real Madrid In the summer of 2018, he also confirmed that they exchanged shirts after leaving the field.

Kroos: I won many titles with Real Madrid thanks to Ronaldo

The German international said on the radio program with his brother, which was reported by the newspaper mark Spanish “I played with him for 4 seasons, and I do not exaggerate when I say that, of course, I achieved the greatest successes with him and thanks to him.”

“We were neighbors in the dressing room the whole time,” he said. Of course I was happy to see him again, he left a long time ago and we don’t see each other often, because we don’t play against Juventus.”

And Kroos ended his speech regarding Ronaldo, “We talked briefly about the match, and also about the upcoming matches. I wish him all the best, and I hope they qualify for the next round alongside us. I also asked him about his condition in Italy, he played there for 3 years, you don’t have all the time in the world.” After the match ended, we didn’t let it go unnoticed. When we got into the tunnel we also exchanged shirts, and it was nice to meet him.

On seeing his former colleague Pepe also, he added, “Pepe is also a wonderful man, he looks wild on the field, and does not look nice, but off the field he is a completely different person, and Cristiano Ronaldo is exactly like that.”

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