EU eases cross-border travel restrictions during summer


EU eases cross-border travel restrictions during summer


The European Union has agreed to ease travel restrictions during the summer, allowing tourists who have received corona vaccines to avoid tests or quarantine, and expand the list of EU regions from which it is safe to travel.

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Portugal, the current president of the European Union, said ambassadors from the 27 member states had agreed to a revised proposal of the European Commission stipulating that those who received the full vaccination doses over a 14-day period could travel freely from one member state to another in the bloc.

As for the restrictions imposed on other travelers, it will depend on the extent to which the countries from which they come from control the pandemic.

Only a little more than a quarter of adults in the European Union have received full vaccinations so far.

These revised guidelines come at a time when the European Union is moving to grant certificates proving that a person has received the vaccination, or has immunity because he has been infected before, or that he has recently conducted a test that proved that he is free of the disease.

It is scheduled to activate this system by the first of July, although some countries will start granting certificates before this date.

Visitors from other countries can also come to the European Union as long as they can prove that they have received the full vaccination.

Source: Reuters


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