Etoile du Sahel and Coulibaly obliged to pay $1.4 million to Al-Ahly


Cairo “Gulf”
The International Sports Court (CAS) rejected the appeal submitted by the Tunisian Etoile du Sahel and Ivorian Souleymane Coulibaly, the former Al-Ahly player, and upheld the decision issued by the International Football Association (FIFA) to compel the Etoile du Sahel and the player to pay $ 1.4 million to Al-Ahly Club, in addition to fines A secondary school of 15%, as of October 2019, with the Tunisian club ES Sahel obligated to pay the litigation fees.
The Ivorian Soleimani Coulibaly had escaped from Al-Ahly earlier, despite the continuation of his contract with the club, with incorrect allegations. Al-Ahly took all legal measures to preserve its rights, and the Sports Court upheld the ruling issued by the International Federation in favor of Al-Ahly.
Al-Ahly club had previously announced that it had filed a new complaint with the International Football Association “FIFA” against the Tunisian club, Etoile du Sahel, due to the latter’s procrastination in paying the late dues of the Ivorian Souleymane Coulibaly, the former Al-Ahly player and the current coastal star.
The International Sports Court obligated Etoile Sahel, for whom Coulibaly plays, to pay one million and 436 thousand dollars, within 45 days from the date of the ruling, because of the player’s escape from Al-Ahly and his departure from Egypt.
And press reports revealed the end of the legal period granted by the International Football Association “FIFA” to the coastal star in order to pay the penalty of Soleimani Coulibaly in favor of the Egyptian Al-Ahly club, and the International Football Association gave the coastal star officials a deadline of 45 days, which ended last Monday, to settle Coulibaly’s position with Al-Ahly Otherwise, Coulibaly will be suspended for 6 months and the people of Sousse will be deprived of the transfer market for three periods.
Al-Ahly had obtained a ruling from the International Football Association “FIFA” to force the Tunisian club to pay 22 million pounds because of the fugitive Coulibaly, otherwise he will be banned from registration.


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