Esperance fans ignite the streets of Tunisia to escort the team to the airport before the Al-Ahly match


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Esperance fans ignite Al-Shamreikh before the Al-Ahly match

And the Esperance fans appeared with gestures of optimism and encouragement for the Tunisian club, with the use of some fireworks in order to give hope to the players and motivate them before the upcoming confrontation against Al-Ahly, in which the team needs to beat the red genie in order to resolve qualification for the next round.

Pictures and videos spread on social media platforms angered the fans of Al-Ahly club via social media platforms, before the Tunisian Esperance match, which is scheduled to start at nine o’clock Cairo time at Al-Salam Stadium in the second leg of the African Champions League in the match that takes place after the Red Genie won the first match. With a clean goal.

Esperance supporters anger Al-Ahly fans because of the “exciting” banner

The Tunisian Esperance fans sparked controversy through social networking sites after circulating a group of photos attributed to some “blood and gold” fans carrying badges expressing the arrival of the Tunisian club to beat Al-Ahly.

The Esperance fans appeared in a group of photos before the departure of the Tunisian Esperance mission to the airport in order to travel to Cairo in order to play the Al-Ahly match in the African Champions League semi-final in the match that will be held at Al-Salam Stadium at exactly nine o’clock in the evening, the day after tomorrow, Saturday.


The pictures attributed to the Esperance fans showed some of the phrases that angered the fans of Al-Ahly club, most notably “They are coming to bring down the pharaoh,” in reference to the arrival of the Tunisian club in order to defeat Al-Ahly.

The fans gathered yesterday for the team’s training









Al-Shaabani stresses the ability of Esperance to embarrass Al-Ahly

On the other hand, Mouin Al-Shaabani, coach of Tunisian Esperance, confirmed that the team is able to return in the result with the Red Genie during the confrontation next Saturday in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-final, in the confrontation that takes place at the Salam Stadium, after the Red Genie won the Tunisian team. With a clean goal.

Al-Shaabani said in statements to the Tunisian newspapers: “Esperance made many mistakes in the first leg match in Tunisia, the most important of which was neglecting the possession of the ball in the average field, and losing good control in favor of Al-Ahly Club during the match that the Red Genie won with a clean goal in the first leg of the semi-finals.

The Tunisian Esperance coach confirmed that Al-Ahly managed to control the average field of the Hamadi Al-Aqrabi stadium after playing with three pivot players, which helped the red genie in the process of controlling the ball and stopping the attacks of the Tunisian club.

Al-Shaabani concluded: “Esperance is able to return by qualifying from Al-Ahly in Cairo and stop the danger of the Red Castle players, such as the outstanding striker Mohamed Sherif, and the influential midfielders such as Malian Aliou Diang, Amr Al-Sulia and Mohamed Magdy Afsha.

Esperance supporters anger Al-Ahly fans because of the “exciting” banner

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