“Eriksen’s Heart” increases the number of volunteers in Denmark


Denmark’s midfielder Christian Eriksen suffered a heart attack during a match at the Euro 2020 soccer championships, causing a massive 7-fold increase in the number of subscribers to an electronic application that allows emergency teams to respond quickly to help patients with heart attacks.

Eriksen escaped death after undergoing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on the field and electroconvulsive therapy before being taken to hospital, where he continues to recover. The incident shocked millions of viewers on the screens, prompting hundreds of Danes to register with the “Heartrunner” application as volunteers to help in similar situations.

“The tragic accident had a really important impact, and at the beginning of a normal week, between 90 and 100 new people could have registered with the application, but after the match and until the next morning, about 700 new subscribers were registered,” said Fredrik Falk, a professor at the University of Copenhagen and director of research at the Medical Emergency Management in Copenhagen. Falk indicated that most of the participants are volunteers who received previous training in CPR, and added: When registering with the application, if there is a heart attack, the nearest ten people are alerted directly to intervene and provide assistance.

Eriksen’s incident in the Finland match prompted an increase in demands for CPR training and more defibrillators at stadiums and training grounds. Doctors are continuing their attempts to find out why Eriksen’s heart stopped, and the Inter Milan player posted a picture of him on social media to thank the fans for the support.

Figures from the non-profit Trigfönden Foundation that supports the application indicate that the chances of saving the life of a heart attack patient increase from less than 10 percent to more than 70 percent if the victim undergoes cardiopulmonary resuscitation and shock from a pacemaker before the ambulance arrives.​


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